These 18 Facts About Blondes Will Prove You That You Can’t Live Without Them

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You know that myth that circles around about blondes? No one proved it!

Whatever you do and wherever you go blonde people are everywhere around you.

I was just coming to work when I heard some people talking about blondes. One of them said that we just couldn’t live without blond people. They are here to make you cry, laugh and beg for their attention.

C’mon we all know that blondes are sexier than the rest.

I’m kidding of course.

I don’t know why but I feel the same way about these people. They are just here when you need them.

Anyway, I know you haven’t paid so much attention to facts about blondes and I guess you don’t know that:

The very first natural blond person has appeared in Europe approximately 11,000 years ago


Europe has the highest percentage of natural blondes


Second highest percentage of natural blondes live in Melanesia


Almost 16% of all people in the world are naturally blond


The genetics of blond hair affects only the hair color, not the eye or skin color


Back in the 1970s, it became a standard practice in America to spell the “blond” word, but when we refer to women this is still acceptable


According to a British study, blond people earn 7% more


Blond people marry men who have higher earnings


Blonde waitresses earn bigger tips


Hire a blonde woman to do your fundraiser- they are capable of raising 70% more in door-to-door fundraising


Blond hair extensions cost more than other hair colors


A study showed that men find blondes more attractive than other hair colors


Maybe this explains why women dyed their hair blond since ancient times


Blond hair gets darker through the years because the melanin levels change with age


Blond women are exposed to higher rates of vision problems at old age


It’s important for them to eat vegetables


They are at a higher risk of melanoma and sunburn


Blond people should avoid being exposed to the sun for too long


Blond people are awesome!

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