These Myths Are Actually True. OMG I Didn’t Expect This

Myths have always been here and there isn’t anyone in this world that hasn’t heard about this.

We are not talking about some of the myths we heard about some legends living in the past. We are talking about something that we possibly use or drink today.

This really made me wonder what other secrets are kept from us.

Maybe you’ve heard about these myths and maybe you haven’t, but the thing that fascinated me the most it’s that they are all true.

We mixed up things a little bit by importing a few beauty myths. We have to maintain our body and beauty in order to push forward.

I didn’t expect to find out some of the things mentioned here, but everything became much clearer now.

You will be very surprised!

Large percentage of the US Dollars contain cocaine


Overheating water in a microwave can cause explosion


One student mistakenly solved an impossible math problem given for homework. George Bernard Dantzig from Germany succeeded in something even Einstein couldn’t solve.


Coca Cola used to feature cocaine in its recipe


Celery contains negative calories


The state of Michigan threats beavers with $10,000 fine for causing floods


Avoid going to Hospital in July. It’s the month when many graduates make their way towards hospitals for practice. You wouldn’t like to be their first patient


Many years ago, physicist were able to figure out the atmosphere’s temperature just by counting the cricket chirps


A physician, Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Massachusetts, has dedicated his work into discovering how much the soul weighs. This work has a movie called 21 grams


Dogs are raised for food in China


Tight Buns and ponytails can make your hair fall out


Rubbing your eyes causes wrinkles


Rinsing your hair with beer can make it thicker and stronger


Certain foods can worsen acne


No words.

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