Just Cause 3: First Trailer Breakdown and Thoughts

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The first trailer video for the upcoming action adventure video game, Just Cause 3, just came out. The video Is mostly a teaser of sorts, but for fans of the Just Cause franchise, the video definitely gets the blood pumping hot. The new video (available below) is edited using a fun rendition of the song “Firestarter” by The Prodigy. The video Is the perfect way to reintroduce the franchise protagonist Rico Rodriguez and offer a quick look at the new game.

The video begins with a lot of flashes of explosions, destruction, a dictator’s statue and some of the game franchise’s trademark flying gas tanks. These images are meant to be a look into the mind’s eye of Just Cause 3’s hero, Rico Rodriguez. The montage of explosive images soon fades out, and shows that the images are coming from the eye of Rodriguez. The shot then tracks out to show Rodriguez’s face, followed by his entire body. The sequence then shows that Rodriguez is actually gliding through the air in true Rodriguez fashion. Next, the picture fades to the logo of Just Cause 3 surrounded by burning fire embers and sparks. Then the image switches back to Rodriguez, who pops out the wings of his wing suit and continues gliding straight toward the camera.

The trailer confirms that the game is coming just in time for the holidays. Just Cause 2 was a very exciting open-world action game that offered tons of creative freedom for players to wreak all kinds of havoc. This new trailer is a tease, but creates the impression that players will, yet again, be able to wreak all kinds of mayhem. I hope the tease of the video suggests that Rodriguez will have a gliding wing suit in the next game. Based on the video, Rodriguez looks much older and grizzled. I am excited about the game because it is being developed solely for the next-gen consoles. That means that developer Avalanche Studios did not have to waste time, manpower or resources in developing a downgraded version of the game, solely in an effort to boost sales. The new console generation has begun, and now is the time to focus on it.

Hopefully, the final product of Just Cause 3 will provide as exciting a ride as the trailer. Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 3 is due out for a holiday 2015 release for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/0ND5dYIFkd0″]

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