What Font Does Instagram Use: Unveiling the App’s Typography Choices

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Instagram, the social media platform loved by millions for its visual storytelling, stands out with a distinct and recognizable brand identity, partly thanks to its font choices. Fonts play a crucial role in any brand’s visual identity, as they can convey personality, values, and stability. For Instagram, this means selecting typefaces that reflect modernity, ease of use, and inclusivity.

Initially, Instagram utilized a script font called Billabong for its logo, which created a sense of nostalgia and friendliness. However, the platform has evolved, and in line with a growing user base and the need for better global accessibility, Instagram introduced its own custom typeface known as Instagram Sans. This contemporary typeface is a mix of grotesque and geometric styles, designed to be versatile and legible across various languages and applications, from the app interface to marketing materials. Let’s talk about what font does instagram use.

Instagram Sans represents Instagram’s commitment to creating a cohesive and accessible user experience. The typeface supports a range of styles and weights, ensuring that the platform’s diverse audience can engage with content comfortably. This dedication to a consistent and inclusive visual identity is a testament to Instagram’s understanding of the crucial role that typography plays in social media branding. It is a font similar to Comic Sans, but with an Instagram twist.

Instagram’s Branding Evolution

Instagram’s brand image has undergone significant changes over time, especially in its typeface choices, moving from its original Billabong font to a more modern and tailored typeface, Instagram Sans. These shifts reflect Instagram’s growing emphasis on brand identity and the importance of typography in user experience.

Logo History and Design

Instagram’s logo has seen a progressive transformation that symbolizes its evolution from a simple photo-sharing app to a global social media platform. Initially, the logo featured a retro camera and the wordmark in Billabong, a script font that captured the platform’s informal and creative essence. Over the years, Instagram’s logos have become more simplistic and modern. In 2016, they debuted a new gradient icon with a minimalist glyph inspired by the original camera logo, coupled with a cleaner, sans-serif wordmark. This change aimed to maintain the brand’s roots while adapting to the fast-paced changes in digital media.

From Billabong to Instagram Sans

The shift from Billabong to Instagram Sans as the primary font used by the platform represents a significant milestone in Instagram’s brand identity. Billabong, chosen by designer Russell Bean, was notable for its handwritten, script-style characteristics that delivered a youthful and dynamic look. In contrast, Instagram Sans is a custom typeface developed collaboratively with the type design company Dalton Maag. The font design captures the mix of a perfect circle and a square, an element Instagram likes to call “squircle.” Instagram Sans includes a set of global scripts consistent with the platform’s inclusive and international vision. Renowned designer Mackey Saturday was instrumental in the evolution of Instagram’s wordmark, which aimed for a more refined and scalable branding that aligns with a future-focused vision. Instagram Sans underscores the blend of grotesque and geometric styles, advancing Instagram’s typographical landscape to resonate more deeply with an ever-evolving audience.

Primary Fonts Used on Instagram

The text across Instagram’s platform uses distinct fonts optimized for readability and aesthetic appeal, catering to various devices and content types.

Proxima Nova for Web

Instagram employs Proxima Nova for text on its website—captions, comments, and desktop browsing are presented in this sans-serif typeface noted for its modern, clean lines that enhance legibility.

Neue Helvetica and San Francisco for Mobile Apps

On mobile devices, Instagram opts for Neue Helvetica and San Francisco. Android users see Roboto, a font praised for its clarity. Meanwhile, iOS devices showcase San Francisco, a font designed for maximum readability across Apple’s ecosystem.

Custom Fonts in Stories and Reels

For more creative and expressive content like Stories and Reels, Instagram provides a variety of custom fonts. These include Aveny-T for a modern look, and Cosmopolitan which appears neon-like.

Accessibility and Legibility Considerations

Fonts on Instagram are chosen with both accessibility and legibility in mind. They aim to ensure that text in posts, captions, and profile information is easily comprehensible on any device, maintaining the platform’s simplicity and user-friendliness.

Instagram Typography in User Generated Content

Instagram’s platform allows users to express themselves through various typographic elements within their user-generated content. The focus is on bio and caption fonts, as well as the fonts available for crafting posts, offering a blend of personalization and uniformity.

Fonts for Bios and Captions

Instagram users have the default font set for their bios and captions, which differs based on the operating system of the device in use. For iOS devices, the San Francisco font is utilized, whereas Roboto is the default on Android devices. This maintains a consistent aesthetic across the platform, ensuring readability and a clean design. Despite this consistency, users often seek to differentiate their profiles using custom fonts. These are typically accessed through third-party apps or online font generators, whereby users can copy and paste custom text into their bios or captions.

Default Fonts:

  • iOS: San Francisco
  • Android: Roboto


  • Third-party apps
  • Online font generators

Instagram Font Options for Posts

When it comes to the actual posts, whether they are images or videos, users can add text with a variety of font options directly in Instagram Stories. These include classic, modern, neon, typewriter, and more, facilitating diverse typographic design. For more advanced customization, users often resort to graphic design apps like Canva, which provide a wide variety of fonts and design elements, allowing for more personalized and branded content.

Instagram Story Fonts:

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Neon
  • Typewriter

Enhanced Customization:

  • Canva for expansive font options and design elements

Instagram’s approach to typography in user-generated content demonstrates a balance between uniformity for ease of use and customization options for individual expression.

Design Elements of Instagram Fonts

Instagram’s choice in fonts showcases their attention to detail, striking a balance between personality and legibility. The design elements of fancy Instagram fonts consider the interplay of color and personality as well as the craft of typography.

Color and Personality

Instagram’s font choices reflect a modern and clean aesthetic that aligns with the platform’s vibrant and visual nature. The sans-serif font, specifically designed for the brand, exhibits a friendly personality through its subtle rounded edges and open forms, which contribute to the platform’s inclusive feel. The choice of color is also crucial, as it uses contrasting colors for text to ensure readability against diverse image backgrounds.

  • Sans-serif font: Conveys a modern and approachable vibe
  • Rounded edges: Enhance the softness and friendliness of the text
  • Color usage: Ensures text stands out against varying image backgrounds

Typography and Craft

The craft of Instagram’s typography is intricately linked to functionality and brand identity. The company has introduced a custom typeface, Instagram Sans, that melds geometric shapes with quirky characteristics, reminiscent of a typewriter or classic script style. This design flexibility translates well across different languages and scripts, ensuring a cohesive experience internationally.

  • Geometric shapes: Provide a universal and timeless foundation
  • Design flexibility: Harmonizes the Instagram aesthetic across multiple scripts and languages
  • Custom typeface (Instagram Sans): Showcases the brand’s unique identity through exclusive typography

Instagram’s fonts are deliberately crafted to convey the brand’s story through type, with every aspect of the design chosen to create a harmonious and user-friendly interface.

Custom Font Tools for Instagram

Instagram’s native fonts are limited, but third-party apps and online font generators provide expansive options for custom typography. These tools can significantly enhance the visual appeal of Instagram profiles and content.

Canva and Other Third-Party Apps

Canva and other third-party apps offer a plethora of font choices that enable users to create distinctive graphics and text overlays for Instagram posts and stories. They provide templates, design elements, and typography that comply with Instagram’s format. For instance:

  • Canva: With a user-friendly interface, users can select Instagram-specific templates and apply various font styles to craft unique designs
  • Adobe Spark: Offers an array of fonts and design options, suitable for creating polished and professional Instagram content

Instagram Font Generators

Font generators specifically designed for Instagram can transform standard text into an array of typographical styles that can be copied and pasted directly into Instagram’s bio, captions, comments, or IGTV descriptions. Examples of an Instagram font generator include:

  • LingoJam’s Fonts for Instagram: Users can input text and immediately preview a selection of stylized fonts to use on Instagram
  • Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Fonts Generator: A web-based tool providing a simple way to generate and preview fonts before applying them to Instagram content

Technical Aspects of Instagram Fonts

In the realm of Instagram, the technical aspects of fonts encompass both performance considerations and adherence to typographic standards. These fonts must balance aesthetic appeal with functionality, ensuring that the platform’s diverse content is presented effectively.

File Formats and Web Performance

Instagram’s chosen fonts need to be optimized for web performance. This entails using file formats that are widely supported and render efficiently across different devices. The primary formats include:

  • TrueType Fonts (TTF): Suitable for older browsers and systems
  • Web Open Font Format (WOFF): Highly compressed and thus favored for quick loading times
  • WOFF2: An improved version of WOFF, offering better compression and thus enhanced performance

Instagram has leveraged these formats to ensure that the fonts used in their application load quickly, contributing to a seamless user experience.

Typography Rules and Grammar

Instagram app’s typography is designed to be clean and accessible, adhering to specific typography rules and grammar standards:

  • Consistency in Punctuation Marks & Letterforms: To maintain a harmonious appearance, Instagram uses standardized punctuation marks and consistent letterforms across various font weights and sizes.
  • Typography Hierarchy:
    • They use larger font sizes for headlines to capture attention
    • Smaller font sizes for body text to facilitate easy reading

With these rules, Instagram ensures that all textual content, from captions to comments, is legible and contributes to the platform’s overall aesthetic. Hopefully, we also answered your question what font does Instagram use.

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