Global Agenda

Do you know what you will be doing in the year 2155? Sure, weightless golf on a patio does sound good and all (in theory) but we are on the same page if you’re thinking gun turrets, rocket launchers and jet-packs! Yes you read that right, everything you need for the proper destruction of everything is at your disposal in Global Agenda.  The earth is in worse condition than it is already after the Third Great War and the few remaining independent factions retaliate against a tyrannical government with the use of mean weaponry and highly trained teams to use them. Create an agent to fight against the very thing that most people rely upon, technology.

This Free-to-Play third person shooter features extensive PvE missions where you can earn experience points, loot and credits. The four types of missions in PvE include Open Zone Missions where the player can learn more about the game world and progress. Other types are Special Ops and Defensive Raids. The Special Ops missions are similar because they are both timed, you can participate in a Special Ops mission solo or with a team. The Defensive Raid missions are a lot like playing a tower defense game, on a much larger scale and with bigger explosions of course.

The game features hundreds of class-specific gadgets and upgradeable equipment. These things can get pretty complicated (in the best way possible) when you start talking about holographic decoys and robotic pets. The game’s four classes branch off into two trees and they all share a common tree that gives bonuses to typical attributes such as Health and Protections. Keep in mind that the game is multiplayer so you can fly around and PvP in groups of renegade soldiers and don’t even pretend like you won’t try it at least once. These matches can get pretty large and very destructive given enough time to do so. There are different types of PvP matches to suit your tastes, everything from Demolition (capture the robot) to the old fashioned Arena battles. If you like to socialize there is also lots of that to go around too. The game features a player Auction House and I am sure that the guy who shot you down is always willing to chat after a fight, everybody likes a good sport so don’t be a sore loser.

Global Agenda has had multiple expansions over the years so the content remains fresh and addictive. The level of player customization has been expanded several times, for all you artsy types, crafting is an option. All you need is the blueprints and the skills to do it, I’m sure that they started teaching useful stuff like that in those schools of the future. Each character starts with 0 skill points in all Crafting Skills. So keep trying and maybe you will be able to make something that you can actually use in the field.   Clear your agenda for this one. Its high pace and polish is going to keep you flying high for the many hours you’ll spend playing.


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