Top 5 Upcoming PS Vita Games

Although the holiday season is a long way coming, there are plenty of games to sate the appetite of anyone who has a PS Vita or wants to get one. Here are my top Top 5 Upcoming PS Vita Games from the upcoming batch of games. Some are old news, and others were only recently announced, but all of them look good.

5.) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

I find it surprising that this Super Smash Bros knock-off is the first to hit handhelds—assuming you didn’t figure out how to emulate an N64 with a PSP. The game itself has a similar fighting style to Super Smash Bros, but the way points are tallied and the different kind of boosted attacks makes the game varied enough from its Nintendo counterpart to warrant a purchase. Plus, there will be a multitude of characters to select from, with high-profile names like Nathan Drake and the Big Daddy from Bioshock 2 already announced.

4.) Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

In this game, Bentley creates a time machine, but as a result, a book containing the Cooper legacy is lost. You have to go through time to restore this history, keeping your moves from older games and traveling through time to meet old characters. There are plenty of player characters, including Cooper, Bentley, Carmelita Fox, and Murray. The worlds in the game are larger than its predecessors, so the game is bound to have lots of things to explore, and all on a handheld.

3.) Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes is a delightful game that pulls together platforming and music. As you interact with any element of the game, its musical note will begin to sound in the background until a full-fledged score is playing. You can use the game to compose your own music with the level editor, and demos of prominent musicians deadmau5 and Jim Guthrie along with gameplay footage from E3 show that you can have fun with it no matter your level of music expertise.

2.) Persona 4 Golden

Slated for release in North America on October 23rd, this game is an enhanced and extended remake of the highly popular Persona 4. There will be new features, personas, and characters in the game, along with a more in-depth storyline. It incorporates multiplayer by allowing a player to call for help. A player who is online at the same time might join to help out with dungeon battles. The gameplay is a good blend between turn-based combat and (of all things) dating sims, and the plot involves plenty of intrigue to keep the game interesting throughout.

1.) Assassins Creed III: Liberation

This game was a nice surprise in the months leading up to E3, and when the trailer was finally revealed, it did not disappoint. Rather than a spin-off, this seems like a stand-alone game entirely, and a few characters from the main storyline will even make cameos. Relying on the same engine as the main game, but set in the warm area of Louisiana, the differences in gameplay still remain to be seen. In any case, this game looks quite good and is the most promising of the upcoming Vita games.


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