Sumo Smash – Would you help this Sumo stay away from food?

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Have you ever played a game on your smartphone that will “wake up” that competitive side of yours? – If you haven’t found the proper game for that, try Sumo Smash. This FREE iOS game just wants to know if you can bring your A game on… and make Sumo Sam the ultimate champion.

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Let’s start with the overview.


Sumo Smash is a simple and addictive game that will fulfill your free time, having fun on your smartphone. The hero of the game is called Sumo Sam who is desperate to lose some weight in order to get that final spot to the Sumo Wrestling Championship. Your job is to help him achieve that goal and smash the food that comes towards him. The developer did a great job importing some delicious food into this game and it will be difficult for you to avoid it. There are some tasty sushi, hot noodles, mouth-watering sashimi and rice that are here to hunt you down and make you fail.

There are other characters in this game like bees, cats and birds that you should avoid hitting, because they are your friends and hitting them is very bad for our warrior’s reputation, which is why you lose some points

Also, with the new update, you no longer have ads in the upper area of the screen – which makes the whole experience a lot better.

Sumo Smash


Right after you launch this game, you will see Sumo Sam standing in the middle of your screen, ready to smash some sushi. With the last update this game was made even more responsive than the previous version. The interface is designed to be super easy to use, so you can intuitively find what you are looking for. There is the market where you can buy 3 additional lives. The developer wanted to make this game challenging by including the Facebook & Twitter sharing buttons and integrate it with Game Center – in order to see where are you ranked on the global leaderboard.


On first sight, this game is difficult as you will smash everything that is in front of you, but after you get that “touch” you will make him lose weight pretty fast. You need to smash as much food as you can and collect points. I already have the highest score here at our HQs and I enjoy seeing my colleagues struggle to get even near me. This game causes addiction and you would want to get your best high-score just to climb the Global Leader-board scale and share your achievement with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

With the last update, Sumo Sam has a power move called “powerslam”. You get this move by smashing food without getting negative points. To use this power move, you’ll have to tap the flashing signal in the lower left part of the screen, when it appears.

Here is a hint: Smash only the food that is approaching you, avoid smashing everything else that will eliminate points. If you smash the bird, thеn it’s game over. The game contains multiple levels that will make the sushi smashing faster and harder.

Click here to download and check out the game now

Bottom line

The Sumo Smash game is released by Cybergen Consulting and developed by 3P Development. The game is currently available for iPhone (including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+) and iPod Touch. Cybergen Consulting promises the Android version very soon.

Sumo Smash is the game you have been searching for a long time, giving you that competitive style you want to find in every game.

Sumo Smash Review


  • Easy-to-handle interface
  • No ads
  • Competitive
  • Social Network Sharing
  • Game Center integration
  • Responsive


  • When you are smashing food, you are also smashing the objects on the way that bring you negative points;
  • Android version.

You can visit the official website for this game here: – where you can read more about Sumo Sam and his story. Also you can click here and head straight to iTunes in order to download the game directly.

Try to beat Ne-Yo’s high-score who also plays this game and claims that Sumo Smash is addictive as hell.

Now, click here to download and check out the game now

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