Websites like Ruble – How to Earn Russian Money Online?

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Do you want to earn a ruble? The Russian currency is in high demand lately due to things happening between Russia, Ukraine, and the rest of the world. There are many websites like Ruble that promise to help you earn this foreign currency by following, liking, and commenting on a photo or video.

Yes, it sounds like a scam or something that is not legit, but it is. Now, what you have to understand is that you need to set a low bar. Do not expect to earn millions of the Russian currency.

The conflict between Ukrainian citizens and the Russian federation has made rubles in high demand. Consider the western sanctions, and the ruble is almost as popular and in demand as the US dollar. Thanks to the Russian central bank, the ruble has recovered from its fall.

How do these websites work?

Earning through liking and commenting on videos and pictures have been around for a while. It is an easy way to make money. But the reality is that you will not earn millions or even hundreds.

Many people around the world are looking for websites like Ruble that pay for watching videos. Some websites ask the user to follow, like, or comment on a post.

And the reality is that in the sea of websites on the Internet, many of them are a scam. Today, we will talk about some of the legit websites that can help you earn some money.

We have a list of distinct websites. You can sign up on all of them, and earn money from different websites. The concept of earning through liking, commenting, and following has been around for a while. But it is now growing.

On some websites, once you earn the currencies, you trade them. Ruble is a website that helps you earn Russian ruble. And some websites allow you to trade rubles for the US dollar and other currencies.

All of these websites have different features. There are also factors that determine whether a specific website is good or bad.

For example, you can choose the type of website, like social media, playing ads, lotteries, mining, and so on. But the most important factor is the minimum withdrawal.

Are these sites legit?

We said before there are many websites online that promise to help you earn quick money. But with thousands of websites online, the reality is that many of them are a scam.

Our extensive research has helped us narrow it down to legit, safe, and secure websites. Now, we cannot always promise the legitimacy of these websites like Ruble.

We always advise users to use the sites carefully and do not share personal information. You will be asked to make an account on your wallet so that the website can pay you.

Best websites like ruble

Now let’s get to the main aspect of this article. Let’s take a look at what are the websites that pay in rubles for a like, comment, or follow on a picture and video.


This is one of the most popular websites for earning money through liking and commenting. It is definitely a sure website. There is a reason why it comes up at Number 1 when you search for websites like Ruble.

When you sign up at GetLike, you get paid for liking, following, and commenting on social media profiles. Their goal is to help increase the number of followers who like and comment.

With little effort, you can earn about 200 rubles per day. And the withdrawal minimum is set at 100 rubles.

This means you can make a withdrawal each day. With more and more people looking for likes and comments on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, you can expect there will be a lot of work for you.


This is another website that helps you earn money through social media. The best feature of VkTarget is that you can make a withdrawal when you have only 15 rubles in your wallet.

The website sets one of the lowest minimum withdrawal options among sites like Ruble.


This website is a bit different than the previous two on our list. Why? Because unlike liking and commenting like on GetLike, you have to play a lottery.

Playing lotteries will help you earn rubles. There are different options for playing, and the prize amount in rubles will vary depending on the options you play.

All prize money will be in rubles and the minimum amount of withdrawal is set at 10 rubles. Nice, right?


If you are looking for a website that will help you earn rubles from social media, Ipweb is a great place to start. Go ahead and make a user on this website.

When you sign up on Ipweb, you will have to like and comment on social media. You access social media, and all you have to do is like and comment. You can withdraw a minimum of 5 rubles.


The best feature of Million website is that you get different currencies. It is another website like Ruble, but works differently. Here, you have to mine rubles by performing tasks.

Because you can mine different currencies, Million is one of the most popular websites for earning money online. The ruble mining website sets a minimum withdrawal option at 50 rubles.


Socpublic is one of the old-school websites for earning money online. What you do is watch ads. This has been a concept for a while, and now you can earn rubles by watching ads.

Your job is to go ahead and watch several ads for a long time to get some rubles. Yes, it might sound boring, but a lot of people do many different things to earn money.

The minimum set of withdrawals is 9 rubles on this website. And the more time you spend on ads, the more rubles you will get.

Visit Box

This website for earning rubles is the best in terms of low minimum withdrawal standard. You can withdraw as little as 1 ruble.

It is another website for watching different ads. If you find watching ads to be your thing, go ahead and create an account. Access the website and start earning rubles by watching ads.


As we said before, different websites ask you to do different things to earn money. For example, this one asks a simple task from you. Instead of using your regular browser, you have to go ahead and browse into a different browser.

You get paid for browsing, isn’t that great? The withdrawal limit here is also very low, similar to Visit Box. You can withdraw as little as 1 ruble.


Surfearner is an extension to your browser. Once you sign up, you have to watch different banners. That and performing different tasks.

See the banners, perform tasks, and earn money. Sounds simple enough to you? Well then, get the extension and start earning rubles.

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