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24hourcampfire – Forum for Everything Related to Camping and Hunting


What is camping? It is an activity in which you rely on yourself and your companions for your basic needs. That means building a fire, surviving alone, being alone with your thoughts, and so on. Luckily, nowadays, there are many websites like 24hourcampfire that can help you prepare you for a camping trip.

Why do people go camping? Well, because during a camping experience, you learn survival skills, but also skills that give you confidence and self-worth. They carry over into all other aspects of your life.

With that in mind, camping is a recreational activity in which people take up temporary residence outdoor, usually with tents or specially adapted vehicles.

There are different types of camping, including tent camping, survivalist camping, canoe camping, RV camping, van camping, backpacking camping, glamping camping, and more.

What is it?

We said that there are many different websites like 24hourcampfire. This is a website that can prepare you for the next camping trip. Basically, it is a website and forum containing information that will help you understand what awaits you.

They maintain a perpetual open door policy for visitors, customers, and everyone else. You can send any and all communication, and it will always be read and responded to by a human being.

The website operates under the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. The owner of the website is registered with the United States Copyright Office.

The website and forum focus mainly on hunting and fishing.

How to join the forum?

The main feature of the website is the forum, which you can easily join and start talking and posting in any discussion.

To enter the forum, you have to check the “I agree” box and submit a valid email. The system will then send you a confirmation mail.

Once you register for the forum, you can start posting and join any other topic and discussion. While doing so, there are forum rules you have to respect:

  • Be respectful to other posters and refrain from personal attacks, obscenities, and flame wars
  • Commercial and promotional posting privileges are not allowed, they are reserved for paying advertisers
  • All content must be compliant with CMCA Complaints

How to use the website?

Besides posting in the forum, you can read stories on the home page. There, you will find quite a few stories of people and their hunting experiences. For example, you might find stories and reviews about riffles, fishing rods, and hunting successes and achievements.

For example, there is a story about a person reviewing the Model Ts riffle, called “the walnut you never knew”. There are also stories about shotgun shops in a certain area, bullet field-testing, ammo, scopes that do it all, rifle scope reticles, gunpowder, and much more.

We also recommend checking the forum.

The Forum of 24hourcampfire

The forum of the 24hourcampfire website is a large one. There are different threads and sub-forums. Conveniently, they are divided by the activity you want to experience. For example, whether it is hunting or fishing. Some people just want to read shooting topics and forum discussions.

In the hunting forum, you might find sub-forum discussions like hunter’s campfire, hunting optics, and recommendations for regions like Africa, Alaska, Canada, Europe, Australia, and more.

There are also topics about big game hunting, deer hunting, elk hunting, backpack hunting, long range hunting, hunting rifles, guns, and more.

If you visit the birds and dogs forum, there are threads posts like upland game, turkey hunting, waterfowl, gun dogs, shotguns, and similar topics.

The fishing forum is divided into categories like saltwater, freshwater, flyfishing, and similar posts. As with any other forum, there are miscellaneous topics, including industry news, military, rural living, humor, jokes, riddles, images, movies, books, sports, and similar lifestyle topics.

Is it safe?

We do not recommend visiting unsafe and insecure websites no matter what you want to read about. Luckily, the 24hourcampfire website is a safe and secure website.

Their trust score is good, and it has been checked by several automated algorithms for a scam. It has decent traffic, so you can expect some quality content and answers to your questions about hunting, fishing, and camping.