Getting into Shape After the Age of 40

Long gone are the days when you were in your 20s and could literally eat 3 huge McDonald’s meals at 3 am without suffering any consequences, weight-wise. As we get older, our metabolism naturally begins to slow down, which may potentially lead to increased body weight. Not only that, but you can also start noticing that you are really getting out of shape.

If that happens, don’t worry. It is never too late to get your body moving and start working on your fitness. That being said, here are interesting ways you can easily get into shape after the age of 40. 

Ease your way into working out

The biggest mistake people make is rushing into working out, especially if they are really out of shape. Instead, you should do your best to take things slow. Sure, you may be impatient to start exercising and noticing results but you won’t achieve anything if you rush into things. Starting slow will also help you avoid putting unnecessary and excessive strain on your body which may lead to injury. Aside from that, make sure you stretch before your every exercise. 

Maintain a regular workout schedule

According to research, working out won’t do you much good unless you do it on a regular basis. Ideally, you should start with a routine that enables you to get your body moving for 30 to 40 minutes, five times a week. The workout should include stretching, some type of cardio and some light strength training. The best thing is that you can perform all of these exercises in your own home if hitting the gym sounds too overwhelming.
Simply get your hands on some neoprene hand weights or do some research regarding rowing machines for home since they impact several muscle groups. Depending on the type of exercise you are most comfortable with, you can choose between stationary bikes, treadmills, step mills and similar.

Mind your diet

Aside from the regular workout schedule, you should also pay a bit more attention to your diet. What you choose to put into your body will determine how successful you will be with your fitness efforts. Ideally, you should increase the intake of protein-rich foods, especially after exercising and see to it that you consume more calcium-rich foods. Magnesium can prevent medical conditions such as osteoporosis, which are quite common in people over 40. Moreover, you should drastically reduce or even cut out foods rich with sugars, salt, and fats. Also, try to increase the intake of amino acid-rich foods, as well as your water intake. The more hydrated your organism is the healthier it will be.

Spend some time in nature

In the end, spending time in nature also plays a huge role. However, we are not talking about spending time sitting on a bench in your local park. Instead, try to combine spending time in nature with exercising. For instance, there are numerous benefits of hiking, so you may want to include this activity in your schedule as well. Hiking won’t only contribute to your efforts of trying to become more physically fit but it is also extremely good for the overall state of your organism.


So, no matter how old you are and how out of shape your body is, you can always find ways to improve your fitness and physical health. These were just some of the ideas you can do so. The most important thing to keep in mind is to take things slow, mind your diet, maintain a regular exercising schedule and listen to your body to avoid any potential mishaps. 


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