Cel MD Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Review

There are plenty of hair products out there that promise all kinds of miraculous results. If you’re experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, or damaged hair, you might be at your wit’s end trying products to bring your hair back to health. With so many different options out there, it’s hard to know which product to choose. And how can you be sure whether any of them really work?

One of the latest big trends in the beauty industry is the use of natural plant stem cells to help replenish your hair and promote healthy growth. Companies claim that stem cell shampoo could be the answer to all your hair problems. We decided to test out the latest product from Cel MD, the Biotin shampoo and conditioner, and see the results it produced. 

What is Cel MD?

Cel MD is a cosmetics company that utilizes patented techniques and cutting-edge science. Its aim is to bring the best in beauty treatments to retail. The company offers lots of different products, most of which use plant stem cells. These and other natural extracts help promote healthy skin and hair.

Stem cells are non-specialized cells that are found in our bodies. They can form any cell, meaning they have great potential for regenerating lost cells, particularly in our hair and skin. Stem cell products like shampoos use plant stem cells and extracts, which can help the body produce more stem cells naturally. This can, in turn, lead to healthier hair.

Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Ingredients

Cel MD’s Biotin shampoo and conditioner include the following active ingredients:

  • Panax Ginseng – A natural plant extract that increases the number of scalp cells. It also helps to stimulate follicles, promoting hair growth.
  • Glycerin – This naturally occurring chemical helps to lock moisture into your scalp, keeping your hair hydrated and fending off dryness.
  • Biotin – Also known as vitamin B7. This vitamin is essential in the body for cell growth and repair. It helps to repair the cells in your scalp, leading to a healthier head of hair.
  • Saw Palmetto – Taken from the fruit of the Serenoa Repens tree. This extract helps to stop the body’s production of DHT, a hormone that is linked to hair loss.

Biotin Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner Results

Biotin Stem cell Shampoo and conditioner are most effective for thin and flat hair. These products are supposed to promote new hair growth while also strengthening hair and preventing breakages and damage.

The shampoo is listed as being hypoallergenic, meaning it’s unlikely to cause any rashes or discomfort. I used the Biotin shampoo and conditioner for six weeks, during which time we followed the instructions provided. Both the shampoo and conditioner were used together, with a short, cold water rinse in between.

After just two weeks of using the product, I found that my hair was softer and looking healthier. I was able to grow my hair longer without suffering from the damaged look that had always happened previously. At the end of the six weeks, my hair was noticeably looking a lot thicker, shinier, and was softer to the touch. My hairstylist commented on how it had improved, and it was clear that the shampoo and conditioner were working their magic.


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