Own a house? Here are some tips to maintain it

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Those people are fortunate who own a house. It keeps you away from the stress of earning and bearing monthly rental payments. Plus, it provides a sort of ownership and mental peace, and it remains part of your memories and sentimental values. Though, of course, it comes from a great fortune. For most people, acquiring or owning a house is one of the heftiest financial spendings of their lives. For the sake of mental peace and long term rental payment freedom, people let go of a huge financial sum that could have been invested to earn too. Therefore, there are financial and emotional values attached to a house, letting it ruined does not make any sense at all.

It is also wise to regularly maintain and upgrade the house regularly as letting it ruin for a bigger issue and then fixing it later would cost higher and require more of your energy and attention, which is quite unpleasant to waste on just fixing the issues. Moreover, it is like maintaining your car, if you don’t check and change engine oil timely, it won’t stay smooth no matter how much pay heed later on. Similarly, once your house goes out of its original finesse, it does not get back to that sophistication, or it won’t give you that affection after overhauling.

It can be daunting and intimidating to even plan and manage such maintenance in our daily lives and schedules. In the whole list of chores, plans, and wishes, adding another layer of complexity is inconvenient. The good part is, we can manage it with some in-advance planning and strategies to manage it effectively. Some of the tasks are simply weekly and monthly chores, whereas some are seasonal and some are the ones that can be managed well if dealt by professionals. For example, for plumbing maintenance and related checking, we can simply book the professional services of Mr. Rooters by logging onto https://www.mrrooter.com/dallas/, as getting into DIYs for such services could cost you more money and hassle altogether.      

Let’s explore some of the tricks and the trades to maintain and retain our houses.

1. Scheduling the Maintenance:

The science of planning applies here, just like it applies to our daily routine planning and goal setting. Getting into maintenance chores fitting here and there in your routine cannot crack the code. It cannot work especially with our ever-chasing tough routines of household and work. Therefore, it is vital to segregate the tasks into a schedule and put method to this madness. In this way, you can simply divide the workload and plan tasks as per the priority, requirement, and needs.

2. Ground Rules:

To keep the maintenance load low and lean, you need to set up some straight ground rules for everyone (mind you, for everyone!).  Setting a controlled environment is important to avoid certain maintenances like designating a space for eating and playing for kids or designating no pet areas. Through such measures, some messes would stay in some areas, which would be easier to manage rather than creating havoc in the whole house by polluting it everywhere.

3. Safeguard from Fire Hazards:

No one likes to have their house damaged because of fire or any hazard around. One must include checking smoke detectors, their batteries, and fire alarms quarterly in their maintenance checklist as it can be a measure of life or death. Additionally, kids should be trained through fire drills to deal with any such unwanted emergency.

4. Heating and Cooling System Maintenance:

Cooling, heating, and ventilation systems manage the climate and temperature of the house by maintaining cold or warm air inside the house.  Consequently, they also become a source of pollution for your house that can affect your health and the outlook of your property. Therefore, regular checking and maintenance of filters and cleaning of vents every six months can be a healthy practice, as it will regulate the life of your Air-conditioners and heating systems too.

5. Moisture Not Allowed:

Due to weather around or in the general nature of construction, there are chances to observe and have moisture around in house which results in mold and bad odors. This is seriously not good for the health of you and your family. Plus, excessive moisture invites unwanted bugs and insects around. Therefore, timely repairs must be done to keep such moisture at the low. Similarly, the usage of exhaust fans is beneficial in kitchens and bathrooms to keep humidity levels low.

6. Exteriors in Check:

Check out the exteriors of your house timely as it sets the tone of the overall feel and looks of your house. Close inspection must be done quarterly to look out for any possible wear and tear. Similarly, hunt out for any decays and deterioration on the inner side of windows and doors. In such regards, timely repairs and fixes prove to be worthy as anything that can be fixed would require replacement if delayed in maintenance.

7. Keep it Clean:

Apart from all the tips and methods suggested above, nothing can beat this conventional advice of regular cleanups. Biannually, it is a piece of worthy advice to involve the whole family and give your home a deep, cleaning every corner, washing every area and dusting every area to clear dirt and nuance altogether. Vacuuming your carpets and rugs, along with dusting can prevent your family from harmful chemicals and medical conditions like asthma and allergies.


As discussed in the beginning, house purchase is a significant investment and therefore maintaining and possibly upgrading its price tag is ultimately a goal for every owner of the house. To get the maximum value while living and when selling, it is vital not to take maintenance as a one-off exercise and keep it ever-going affair.

Similarly, up-gradation is also important to keep it up with trends. Therefore, on an annual basis, one must look to invest some money and brain in improving the utility, interior and outlook of the home sweet home.         

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