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7 Beginner Tips To Cut Firewood On Your Own

Buying firewood is a lot more expensive than cutting it on your own. While being economical, it’s also fun and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Below are a few important tips for beginners before they cut firewood on their own.

1. Keep Your Safety First

Firewood cutting is adventurous, but you must be very careful while doing so. Not only the heavy logs of wood seem dangerous, but other things like dust, debris, wood chips, continuous sound of the chainsaw require you to be safe and you must be equipped with proper safety tools and gears. Some of them are:

  • Safety Goggles
  • Face Shields
  • Hearing Protectors
  • Gloves
  • Steel-Toe Boots
  • Helmets

Apart from all these have a first-aid kit with you and emergency numbers to call if things get out of hand.

2. Get The Right Equipment

Having proper equipment and tools can make your firewood cutting experience easier and quicker. Some of the essential tools are:

  • Chainsaw for cutting the trees.
  • Bar oil for reducing friction on your chainsaw and easy cutting.
  • Sharpeners to avoid blunt chainsaw blades.
  • Splitting or woodchopping axe to split and chop your wood.
  • Log jack to lift felled trees and cut them safely and accurately.
  • Log splitter for splitting wood into proper sizes.

3. Find The Best Tree For Firewood

Not all trees have the best quality of wood. You can either ask an expert woodcutter about types of wood each tree yields or do online research on the best trees for firewood. Being aware of the types saves you from unwanted troubles and makes your hard work fruitful.

4. Choose The Right Time For Cutting Wood

Wood can be cut anytime of the year but once a tree has been felled, there are many processes to carry out such as splitting, seasoning and stacking. Seasoning or removing all the moisture content from the wood itself takes 6 months. That is why it’s advised to plan and cut wood a season before it will be used.

As for the right wood cutting season, it’s recommended to cut wood in the winter as the sap content in trees is the lowest which makes it easier to chop a tree down.

5. Have A Sharp Chainsaw

Having a sharp chainsaw blade makes your cutting smooth and easy. A blunt chainsaw blade apart from making uneven cuts is very dangerous as it can cause a chainsaw kickback. Kickbacks put you at risk of many injuries, so always sharpen your chainsaw blade before cutting wood.

If you’re a beginner, go through the top-rated chainsaw types and its reviews here on Chain Cutting.

6. Cut The Wood In Proper Lengths

This is the most common mistake made by woodcutters and you realize this only while stacking that your wood pieces are longer or shorter than the required length.

To avoid this mistake, measure the dimensions of your fireplace and make the cuts accordingly or cut a log of the required measurements and use it as a guide.

7. Don’t Get Involved In Illegal Activities

You’re allowed to cut trees without permission only on your own properties. But if you want to cut trees in a forest, you will require a permit to carry out the process legally.

Carry your permit at all times and stick to the rules and guidelines of the area and not indulge in any illegal practices.

In conclusion, there are many things to consider if you choose to cut your firewood instead of purchasing one. We hope we’ve covered all the essential points in this article and that you find them useful. We wish you all the best for your wood cutting adventures!