This is Why You Shouldn’t Cut a Tree Down on Your Own

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Have you got a few problematic trees on your property? Or perhaps it’s just the one that’s getting in the way of a new extension project, or simply blocking the view? In any case, you might be considering cutting it down on your own. Well, if that’s the case we would wholeheartedly recommend that you don’t and hire the professionals instead. In this article, we’re going to look at why you should probably hold off and wait for the cavalry to arrive.

1 – Trees fall

Yea, sounds pretty obvious right? Of course, they do! That’s the whole idea. However, how well versed are you in making sure that a tree falls in the direction that you want it to? And how confident are you in your ability to stop a tree from falling should it not go your way? Yea, it’s not worth the risk! Once a tree is in motion, you have zero control over where it’s going to land. Therefor, without the proper experience, equipment and safety training, you almost certainly shouldn’t “try this at home.”

2 – You’re not a trained tree surgeon

When you hire a tree lopping specialist, you’re enlisting the help of someone who has been training to do this very one task their entire professional career. They literally do this for a living! So, why do you think that you’ll be able to bowl in and cut the tree down with precision and consideration, without an ounce of training? It’s not wise! Hire some help! Ask Round Rock tree surgeons!

3 – Incorrect equipment

If you think taking a saw to a tree and seeing what happens is a good idea, then you’re mistaken. And even if you do hire or borrow a chainsaw, how experienced are you with one? Do you hold a licence to use it? Because they’re not as easy as you might imagine! That said, if you hire a professional tree surgeon instead of a cowboy, not only will they have the correct equipment, but they will be fully-certified in using them safely and effectively.

4 – Nobody wants a blackout

Particularly if the tree in question is near some powerlines, you really, really do not want to attempt to cut it down by yourself. If your tree falls in the wrong direction, it’s going to decimate the surrounding powerlines and then you’re in for a world of hurt! Again, it’s really not worth the risk (or the extra cost)

5 – Are you cutting down a protected tree?

Another benefit of seeking professional advice is knowing whether or not you should actually be cutting down the tree at all. What if you’re only cutting down the tree because you think it’s dead, when it could still be remedies and restored to its former glory? What if the tree is an endangered species? All of these things will be revealed when you call a professional to assist you.

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