What Types of Tattoo Removal Methods Exists

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The history of tattoo removal is basically as old as tattoos themselves. Through the years, people have tried different ways to take off their tattoos without necessarily considering how crude or painful it is. And up till this day, people still try to use these old ways to take off their tattoos, so we thought it was important to keep our clients in the know. In this article we will describe the different ways to of taking off tattoos as well as the risks that accompany them.

Salabrasion & Dermabrasion

Salabrasion is about the oldest means of taking off tattoos that’s still in use till the present day. The process involves the abrasion of the dermis as well as the epidermis using a salt-based solution. On the other hand, dermbrasion follows the same process, only that abrasion in this case involves a rotating mechanical tool. Both of the aforementioned processes can cause extreme pain and physical damage to the epidermis which may remain visible.

Skin Excision

Here, the tattooed skin is removed through surgery. This process leaves a huge scar as big as the area that was removed. While this may be a great solution for small-sized tattoos, this is a lot more difficult when the size is larger. One can also perform skin grafts through skib excision.

Subcutaneous Injections of Solutions

This process involves the injection of subcutaneous injections containing glycolic acid-based solution or several other liquid solutions into the skin to drive out the ink. Most times, the epidermis, as well as the dermis of the skin suffers an adverse effect which may lead to scaring of the skin. Additionally, this process is said to be partially effective, because tattoo ink doesn’t come off so easily.

Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo removal creams have gained a lot of attention because of its low cost and because it can be easily applied. However, these creams rarely work,, and this is owed to its inability to remove tatted ink from the dermis. The best work tattoo removal creams could do is to reduce the brightness of the ink on the epidermis.

Laser Tattoo Removal After a Prior Removal Method

Note that tattoos the only ways to remove tattoos is by expelling the ink through the skin’s surface or helping the body take it out after breaking it into tiny particles. If you’ve tried and failed to get rid of your tattoo using a laser, there is no need to fear. We can help you take out the remaining ink or lessen the scar tissue using a laser, or making use of microdermbrassion treatment to aid in the production of collagen in the skin.

You may seek tattoo removal for previously treated tattoos too. If you were unsuccessful the first time, you should not give up. Most probably, the right technology was not used, or you sought the service from an amateur. It is good to seek for such sensitive services from professional facilities that deal with experts in tattoo removal. The Finery NYC is a professional skin care and tattoo removal facility. You may seek tattoo removal services there.

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