Facts About Chandeliers That Will Blow Your Mind

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Chandeliers adorn the ceilings and often times symbolizes wealth. These beautiful decorative light fittings hung from the ceilings have graced the homes of royalty and the wealthy even from the middle ages. During the days before electricity was invented, chandeliers were used to hold candles.

In fact, they are of the most elegant lighting decorations you can give your home. The crystal lights suspended midway down from the ceiling can transform the interior decoration innovation you can come up with. While there are different types of chandeliers, the crystal kind holds a different aesthetic appeal.

Here are a few interesting facts about Crystal Chandeliers, Foyer Crystal Chandelier, and Large Crystal Chandelier.

Crystal chandeliers are splendid, beautiful, and shining because they have crystals mostly of glass. Based on this, they can change the direction of light when it hits a wall and ultimately create a beautiful site. They also work with a variety of bulbs – LED, halogen, dimmable, etc. This leaves an interior spoilt for choice.

They are fragile, require a lot of packaging, and tedious to assemble. Ironically, they can be made with polycarbonate, a material used for eye lenses and bulletproof windows. Hence, they are light but very strong.

They can be fitted in the smallest rooms. They are unique, sturdy, and functional. They practically add life to any space as it brings along with its brightness to illuminate your world. Though they have been in existence for centuries, they are still modern and contemporary.

Typically, you may see chandeliers hanging gracefully from the ceiling of royalty, but it can equally be found in offices, coffee shops, bedrooms, galleries, foyers, restaurants, dining rooms, even bars.

Crystal Chandeliers come in different shapes and sizes, such as 153 Lights large crystal chandelier Lighting for Hotel Dome; Classic Hotel Crystal Chandelier big large pendant light for high ceiling, etc. for Foyer Crystal Chandeliers.

For Large Crystal Chandeliers, there is the classic Turkish crystal chandelier modern pendant Lighting fixture Lamp for gallery hall, among others. Brass, wood, iron, and other metals were used before crystals and glass were added to disperse and reflect light divergently.

Dolmabache Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, hosts one of the most exquisite chandeliers in the world that weighs approximately 4000 Ib and features an astonishing 750 lamps. It is the largest Bohemian crystal chandelier weighing 4.5 tons giving by Queen Victoria in the 19th century to the Turkish Palace. 

Chandeliers were originally wooden devices used for holding a candle during the Middle Ages and were destroyed during the 1500 reformation movements. Thus, affording the authentic ones can be way expensive. The few remaining can be found mostly in churches. The modern ones still hold the charm, though.

The world’s largest chandelier stands 19 feet tall, measures 41 feet in width, and weighs 39,683 Ib. It is named the reflective flow and holds a record of 165,000 lights (LEDs). It is hanging off the atrium of a Doha office building of the Al Hitmi Group in Qatar.

Morrocan Crystal Chandeliers are reputed to be the best. They are handcrafted, bedecked, and decorated with colorful glass and precious stones.

Morrocan Chandeliers glass and crystal are added to disperse light and its subsequent reflection throughout the house. They can serve as an item for interior decoration, a source of illumination, a statement of opulence and wealth, and a touch of royalty.

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