3 Affordable Herbs & Vitamins that you should try for nerve pain relief

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Nerve pain is a crucial problem that occurs in people who have diabetes or are experiencing the after-effects of chemotherapy. It can be stressful and discomforting if not treated and taken care of by a professional physician. Neuropathy treatment is rather conventional, whereby the physician has to come up with a better way to relieve pain through supplements, vitamins, and herbs. This medication helps in avoiding any treatment that may result in negative side effects on one’s nervous system. Consultation is the key approach method once you realize that you have neuropathy. This way, the doctor can guide you on ways that you can avoid nerve pain. Neuropathy mostly affects the hands and feet, making movement challenging to most patients. It also induces muscle weakness and lack of sensation. Nevertheless, there are easy treatments that you can rely on to ensure that your lifestyle does not change. Here are three affordable herbs and vitamins that you should try for nerve pain relief:

1)            B Vitamins

Neuropathy is a critical condition that requires you to be keen on the mode of treatment you are taking. Lack of vitamins in the body has been linked with nerve pain, which can develop permanent damage. These vitamins include B1, B6, and B12. You can get these essential vitamins through the consultation of the doctor. You can also check out Neuropathy Relief Guide to understand different ways of handling your condition with good vitamins and herbs. Benfotiamine, which is also vitamin B1, is said to reduce nerve pain by a high percentage. It is also used in getting rid of inflammation in the legs and hands.

On the other hand, vitamin B6 is recommended since it helps in covering nerve ends to avoid any further damages that may occur to the nervous system. However, it is advised that you do not take any extra dosage since it can interfere with the nerves leading permanent damage. Vitamin B6 has proven to improve the immune system, which is linked with healing any nerve damage present in the body.

2)            Fish Oil

Nerve pain is a progressive condition that can lead to serious damage to the body organs. This is because it causes numbness and weakness to the body muscles. This way, you have a better approach method on how you can ensure your nerves are healthy. If you are undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from diabetes, it is easy to have complications like neuropathy. Therefore, you are advised to take fish oil, which is a natural medication. Through research, it was proven that fish oil is beneficial since it has an anti-inflammatory effect that has posed a positive impact on healing the nerves.

Moreover, it has shown to help in reducing pain and decreasing muscle soreness, which is a great challenge for most patients. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are the main acting agents in stimulating the growth of nerves instead of damaging. This is similar to vitamin B6, which is used in covering the ends of nerves to prevent further complications. Fish oil has been encouraged by most physicians since it is highly available and can help in healing other diseases that may be chronic. Moreover, it is a cheap product, yet it can have significant benefits in preventing any nerve pain.

3)            Capsaicin

Herbal treatment has been there for decades, making it the best method of treating any disease due to its natural effect on the body. This is unlike other medications that come with side effects that may lead to permanent damage. Neuropathy is a manageable condition that requires a patient’s attention and effort to avoid pain. Capsaicin is a component found in pepper, which makes your mouth hot once you consume it. Despite its hotness, it has proved to be beneficial in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. Here, you are required to apply it on the skin where it blocks any transmission of pain. It also comes into two forms, capsaicin cream, and capsaicin patches. These two have helped patients to avoid inflammation on the joints and muscles, making you relieve any pain present on the body. This is has been considered the most affordable herb for treating neuropathy since it is highly available and easy to use. The bottom line in this is that capsaicin makes the nerves numb and insensitive. Therefore, you cannot experience any pain. You are also recommended to use ginger or turmeric if you experience any allergic reactions with capsaicin. This way, it will be comfortable to ease pain rather than inducing any further problems.

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