Best Blu Phone Cases Of 2019 You Need To Have

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The case design of the Blu Phones is a combination of art and beauty that comes with a slim profile design to ensure maximum protection.

If you are looking for the best Blu phone Cases to protect your Phones from severe damage, we have outlined some of the best blue phone cases that will get the Job done immediately.   

1.    Blu studio C5+5     

The hybrid cases for the blu studio C5+5 come with a kickstand, located on the back of the case. 

When you pull it out from the down-end and set your phone either straight up and down or its side, you won’t have to hold your phone by hand while watching videos or such.

It has two layers for Maximal protection. And also offers a silicone skin case, which is on the outside layer.

While featuring a rugged design, you will have an excellent grip for your fingers.

Basically, this Case absorbs shock and vibrations to prevent your phone from crack and rattling

The hard shell plastic casing is really awesome because it blocks and protects the corners of your phone against drops on any of the side.

The Blu studio C5+5 also has an opening for all the different ports and camera flash, speakers and charging ports.

Lastly, at the front, the ridges are raised to actually separate your phone screen from the flat surface to help protect the screen.

2. Blu Grand M3 Case

The tech-skin design of the grand m3 case provides maximal scratch protection for your blu device.

The aesthetic built makes it one of the most robust cases against scratch protection, that will keep your Blu Grand M3 looking stunning and good.

This case will prevent some of the highest possible effects of abrasion because of its high-quality PU leather made.

All hardware has the appropriate cut-out for webcam, flashlights, fingerprint identifications, and speakers, without being bulky.

Best Blu Studio XL 2 Case

1. BLU Studio XL 2 ArmorFlex Case

This is among the highest quality Blue Phone Cases that’s very easy to put on and pull off.

The Armor Flex is customizable in a variety of color. With Double-Layer protection, this case comes with thicker materials that are more durable than that of a plastic silicone.

It comes with clips on the case to survive drops, scratches, and bumps of the day.

2. Blu Studio XL Wallet Pouch Case

The Blu Studio XL Wallet Pouch Case is wallet cases that have pockets at both flips. They are also designed to access phone ports and functions perfectly.

On the inside, it has the rubber case that you can just slip your phone right in.

At the flip, you can store your money, credit cards, ID cards, etc. in the slot.

The phone cover is made out of faux PU leather and comes with straps, so you just wrap around your hand with ease.

Best blu vivo x Case

The blu Vivo x case is another hybrid case with great designs that could spice up your blu vivo x device for durability and fancy look. 

Among the list of best vivo x case of blu make, we have;

1.    Blu Vivo X Hybrid Case

The Blu vivo x is a gel hybrid double layer, shockproof, drop protection case.

It is made of silicone plastics like a 3D printer material. And has a sensor screen protector and also leather and a PC clamshell design.

There are lots of different color options available for this case. The cut-out for the camera and fingerprints sensor as well as the buttons and headphone Jack are well placed. 

2. Blu Vivo x TPU Case

The blu vivo x cell phone case comes with anti-slip TPU bumper to give your device more grips and prevent shocks and drops effects on day to day use.

The ridges are beveled, allowing you to lay your phone surface on the table without screen scratches.

The case is super slim, offers a perfect fit, with all cut-outs rightly placed.

Best blu vivo xl2 case

1. Blu vivo xl2 voo7ouu    

The BLU VIVO XL2 case is a stylish case with an airbrushed to support hand grip. It is made specifically to fit the blu vivo xl2 voo7ouu. It has a dual layer case protection with a high quality of Polycarbonate material and TPU.

This case is easy to pull off or fix. And the inner layer is made of TPU for absorbing shocks and drop effect, combined with a hard Polycarbonate shell as the outer layer.

The skin will not make your phone difficult to press or access other functions.

The Case provides complete coverage for the device, with easy access to all of the ports and buttons and all other functions.

The case is complete; it has a stylus pen, a premium screen protector that can protect the screen, and it is straightforward to install.

2. BLU Vivo XL2 case

This Case offers a Brushed dual-layer design with a hard rigid shatterproof plastic to give your phone the maximum protection it deserves.

It comes with an outer shell design and a semi-hard and flexible tpu rubber skin for secure gripping.

Offering a low profile slim fusion heavy duty cover, the BLU Vivo XL2 case also features maximum protection against scratches, drops, scuffs, and dirt.

With this smart design, you will get access to all your functionality such as ports, buttons, and other cutouts without removing the phone from phone case.

It also comes with a Soft shock-absorbing inner layer that is hard and flexible. You will even get a rigid and hard plastic shell for optimal protection against scratches, dirt, bumps, and drops.

After several years of usage, you will still be pleased using this top notched Casing.

Even if you drop your phone on the face multiple times, you will not notice scratches. The best part is that the case is easy to clean.


It is obvious now that these Cases are keen to provide durable and express protection against screen scratches.

Your phone will be Safeguarded from drops and many more. This is why they have made a standard case to have your phone Protected.  Also, you can visit for more iPhone cases or Samsung cases and covers.

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