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5 Myths About Laptop Batteries

Getting a laptop with a durable battery is one of the key factors, that every buyer considers before buying a laptop.

However there are several myths, when it comes to battery life, some of these myths include:

The laptop battery will get faulty and malfunction if you do not disconnect it after a full charge

This is a long-standing technological myth, that modern users should get rid of their minds. What you should know about the current modern computer batteries (and today smartphones) is that they are designed with internal circuits, that blocks the charging process from the second that they are fully charged.

Therefore these systems help to prevent the battery from overcharging and thus heating which was common in previous electronic devices. Currently, the only thing that can cause heating while charging, is when the charging system itself is ineffective.

With time Laptop battery follow a particular charging and discharging pattern

Contrary to popular myth and misconception, a laptop battery does not and will never follow a particular charging and discharging pattern. The current laptop batteries are designed to stop charging once the battery is full, so even the overcharging is a misconception since there is no such thing.

Do not charge your battery until it is fully discharged

This is a total lie, letting your battery run completely empty and out of electric charge before recharging does not enhance its efficiency. You can comfortably recharge your battery at any given time, without worrying about it being damaged.

If you are a heavy user, you should consider charging your laptop, the moment it reaches 20%, but if you are a light user, consider using your laptop during the day and then charge it all night.

Ensure that your devices(laptop), is fully charged before using it first

This is another celebrated lie. To be fair, it does not hurt anything to fully charge the battery before using it, neither does it cause any harm if you skip this step as well.

So why do assemblers manufacturers ask new users sometimes to do that? Fully charging the battery before using the device starts the so-called calibration process, which helps the device to understand how a given battery operates. But it is also important to keep in mind that most batteries are self-calibrated, therefore that step remains unnecessary.

You should not have your laptop connected to power while using it at the same time

This is a common misconception, not only among laptop users but also other electronic devices users, such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, the myth, it reduces the battery lifespan in the long run. It is good to know that the life of a given battery depends mainly on the nature of work that the laptop is used for.

The truth is that heating batteries will reduce their lifespan. If the type of tasks you perform requires a lot of electric energy, then it is advisable to perform your tasks when your device is to avoid increasing its temperature.