Benefits of Dried Mealworms for Chickens and Other Birds

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Mealworms may not seem appealing at all for us humans but for birds, they are a delicacy. A mealworm is basically the larval form of the beetle. Typically, they will measure at least 2.5 centimeters in length.  For a long time, mealworms have been used as bird food. Both chicken farmers and bird pet owners consider bulk dried mealworms an essential source of nutrients. Well, it’s not hard to see why.

Here are some of the common mealworm benefits for chicken and birds:

What is the Nutritional Value of Mealworms?

Before we give you the list of benefits associated with mealworms in chicken and bird feed, let’s first of all breakdown the nutritional value that these morsels offer. Mealworms are a perfect source of protein. They contain at least 53% of it. But there’s more. The worms also contain 28% fat content and are rich in fibers and other minerals too. In case you are looking for feeds that will accelerate the growth of birds including chickens, then a daily dose of mealworms should come handy.

Here are the top benefits:

1. You Don’t Need a Lot

Mealworms are rich in protein and other nutrients. However, they are not normally used as the main feed for chicken or birds. They are simply complementary. Think of it as balancing the diet. Even a small jar of mealworms can deliver outstanding nutritional value to hundreds of chicken. The most important thing is to serve them in small portions. In the end, your birds get the rich nutrients each day at a very low cost.

2. Improve Egg Quality

This point applies mostly to chicken owners as opposed to bird pet owners. Chickens are kept for two main reasons; to produce meat and to produce eggs. There are numerous studies that show that chickens with a constant supply of quality protein will produce quality eggs. As a matter of fact, a protein-rich feed will deliver larger, tastier, more nutritional eggs that are more appealing to potential buyers. Mealworms can be an incredible source of this protein.

3. Natural and Organic

A lot of people are now becoming conscious of what they eat. Chicken meat is no doubt the most popular source of animal protein for humans but even then, a lot of people insist on products produced organically. Mealworms are perfect for this. They are natural and organic bird food sources that deliver outstanding nutrition to any bird. 

4. Attract Wild Birds

In case you are an avid bird lover, you can use dried mealworms to attract wild birds to your property. You don’t have to be a chicken farm owner to enjoy the benefits offered by these larvae. Some of the common types of birds that can be attracted by mealworms include magpie, thrushes, finches, quail, a variety of wren, robins, and peewees. 

5. Perfect Treats

As we have already noted, birds love mealworms. They are simply a tasty treat that you can use to train or control behavior. As a bird owner, having a jar of these worms around will help you bond deeper with your pet bird. Bird training is harder compared to other types of training. However, positive reinforcement using tasty treats can make it possible.

6. Easy to Buy

Naturally, if you want mealworms for your birds you’d probably need to go out in the wild and gather it. But you really don’t have to. The mealworms can actually be ordered online through a very easy process. This is because there are companies out there that are fully dedicated to finding and processing the larvae on your behalf. The great thing is that they don’t even cost that much and one single jar can last a very long time. So, you really don’t have any excuse!

Mealworms Will Be Perfect for the Molting Season

The molting season is one of the most important stages in the life cycle of any chicken. Molting is the process through which birds shed off their feathers to allow for new growth. Molting can, however, be a very difficult time for birds if they are not well fed. But mealworms can take away this risk.

The rich proteins are ideal for making sure that the feathers grow back faster and healthier. A lot of chicken farmers will often stack up protein during this season. It normally happens throughout autumn and spring. But you don’t need any type of protein. Organic options that can be served in small quantities like mealworms should do the trick. The worms may also play a very important role in helping the chickens develop a stronger immune system.

Dried mealworms are now part and parcel of the food given to chicken and pet birds. The benefits that these worms offer are clear and the great thing is that you can easily buy them online. Just make sure you are buying from some of the leading and genuine sellers out there.

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