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iPhone cases come in many models and styles with the aim to offer maximum protection and possible utilization for your iPhone. We have rounded up some of the best iPhone cases of different models you can rely on to do the trustful work of protection.

But before then, can iPhone Cases Block Signal?

The iPhone case has been built to suit all prerequisites of the phone most especially the signal functions. These cases do not interfere with the iPhone signal.

What are the Best iPhone 5s Cases for Protection

1. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case a hybrid case that comes with good protection to fit both the iPhone 5 and 5s.

This hybrid case is made to protect the phone screen, raised up just enough in the front and back to enable you to slide without affecting surface of your phone. 

The corners are built with air cushion to handle the impact of drops, while housing a minimalistic feel design, and form factor of a regular small bumper.

In case you don’t know, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case comes with a full-blown case—thanks to its hard plastic mirror backing to give your phone the maximum protection it needs.

It has a quick protection for your iPhone volume control as well and gives you swift access to all buttons and keys, including the speaker, microphone and all.   

2. Otterbox Symmetry Case

The Otterbox is another top iPhone 5 Case that has a sturdy and premium design, due to its makeup components.

While is it features a Silicone carbon material, the Case also offers a dual layer construct for maximal iPhone screen and body protection.

Even with this embedded features, your phone won’t feel too bulky. The case is amazingly slim for such and the stylish design suit all events.

So, do iPhone 5s Cases Fit iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6 is about 4.7-inch screen size, it is bigger than its earlier version, the iPhone 5s.  This simply indicates that the iPhone 5s cases will not fit into that of the iPhone 6 due to difference in dimension from iPhone 6.

Best iPhone 6 Cases You Need to Get Now

Among the best, two iPhone 6 cases caught our attention.

1. Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal.

This case comes with some many variations of color combos. It is a two piece design, starting with TPU housing as the base for shock absorption.

The pairs are made with an aluminum frame to help protect those edges from fall. It is easy to access, but you have to reach a little bit to hit that mute switch.

On the flip side, the power button is clearly labeled, but this case gives a hard press for the volume buttons. Both cut-outs for the camera and Apple logo and button ports are nice and clean.

But do take note, that the headphone jack-port and lightning port are little deep, so keep that in mind when using a specific set of headphone.

2. Candy Shell Grip

If being slippery is one of the complaints of your iPhone 6, the Candyshell is a great case that fixes that problem.

As the name implies, this case is grippy and also fixes the slippery issues of most iPhone 6 case. Although this is not the sleekest or flashiest case, it is downright solid.

There is a great grip around the edge which in turn lets you hit those volume rockers and power button like a champ. The volume switch cut-out isn’t as deep as the neo hybrid metal.  It is definitely a little bit easier to access. 

The cut-out for the headphone jack also isn’t as deep, so in this case, most normal headphone jack fit in fine. 

Are iPhone 6 cases compatible with iPhone 7?

The iPhone 6 case is not a perfect fit on iPhone 7. When fixed, from the front side the iPhone 6 case fit the iPhone 7 just fine.  When flipped over to the back, that’s where the problem is. The only and main problem is the camera cut-out.  The hole does not link up fine.

So, if you wear the iPhone 6 case on iPhone 7, you will not be able to use the camera. Aside this, all of the other cut out are in perfect suit.

Best iPhone 6 Cases that are getting the Rave

There are thousands of the iPhone 7 cases to choose from for your phone. These cases are awesome, but among these are our top two preferred cases.

1. Pitaka iPhone Case

This is one of the best-looking cases among the iPhone 7 cases.  Although it mimics the carbon fiber, the built up is even better. It is made out of kevlar which is the same materials as that of button proof vest.

You will also notice this soft touch on it, and comfortable feel. It is thin, meaning it doesn’t make your iPhone look any much bigger. It feels almost naked when you hold it with your hand.

2. Advent Titanium

This is the second best alternative, but one issue with this case is that it is ridiculously expensive. But aside this, this case stands out.  It has a very unique way to put it on from the sides.

It has a two layer that is completely separate but still hangs on to the phone and does quite well. 

While this is true, this iPhone is easy to wear and once you do, you will be set apart from all the plebs in their twenty. 

This case is very durable even up to a twenty feet fall damage protection.  It has a vessel combination of wood and metal; bring a beautiful look to your iPhone. It is a bumper case and it is very nice.

Another interesting thing is that you actually have to use an in-built tool to install this case.

BEST IPHONE 7 PLUS CASES You Need To Own for Your iPhone

  • Apple Leather Case    

This case is an actual certified Apple product designed, and made of tanned and finished European leather. It also comes with a microfiber lining inside that helps protect your iPhone against external force and pressure effects.

Outside the Case feels soft to touch and the cut-out fits the finish of the leather case. It also comes with diverse colors and it fits snugly over your iPhone curves and adds no bulk to it.

The Apple Leather Case is also perfect with the chargers and headphone jack-plug, meaning you don’t have to pull off all the time, especially when charging wirelessly.

2. Spigen Thin Fit

This is one of the best cases you can ever have. The pleasure of holding this phone is really impressive.

The Spigen sports a thin and flat design that is made of a hard polycarbonate shell. 

The beauty is in the soft exterior matte finish. They also have a glossy and clear version available.

To install, simply fix the volume side first and snap the opposite corners in place.

There are also large cut-outs for the power button, making it easily accessible on the volume side.

Although, the case itself is thinner than the camera hump they have, the extra bezel around the lens is present to keep it from scratching on the table top. 

The bottom also is fully cut-out which makes it easy to fit any cable or the classic apple lightning dock.

It has a soft matte exterior texture  and offers a classic nice grip against slippery phones texture.

This case feels secure when held and it is practically grease resistant, giving you easy access to wipe the top very easily.

Can iPhone 7 fit iPhone 7 plus

The iPhone Plus is an upgraded version of itself (iPhone 7), this means that their differences wouldn’t make the case of one to fit for the other.

The difference between the iPhone plus and previous model is that:

  1. It is larger in size. This would make the iPhone 7 cases too tight for the plus.
  2. The iPhone 7 plus camera is slightly bigger in size than that of the iPhone 7. 
  3. Also, because these iPhones have a difference in their ports and designs, the cut-outs would not accommodate these ports.


The iPhone 8 is produced to be water resistant to function beneath the water surface.

Yet, there is still a limit of how deep this device can dive. These are the two best waterproof cases that you can choose from your iPhone 8.

1. Ounne iPhone 8 Cases with Waterproof

The Ounne will give your phone protection from raindrops, grime, and even snow.

Like all waterproof case, it uses top-level manufacturing translucent TPU materials that reduces the signal effect to provide protection against scratches.

It is a perfect protection case for underwater swimming, diving, and also dustproof for daily use.

This case has a tight fit with no room for air bubbles. This goes ahead to effect the sounds, possibly making it lower than expected.

The case comes with touch sensitivity built-in protector for the screen. This front screen protector is ultra crystal clear and enables both high quality and standard definition videos and photographs.

2. Vansky Floatable Waterproof Case

The Vansky Floatable Waterproof Case is another very good alternative. No more worries about damages caused by water to Smartphone.

This product case offers high-class waterproof protection for the iPhone 8 device. It also maintains full touch screen operations.

Of course, the iPhone 8 is a perfect device for pictures, and with this case, you still can easily access touch screens without the need of removing the phone waterproof bag.

Made from premium grade, the TPU material case will protect against extreme conditions aside from water damages.

This case is usage simplified;  the snap clasp and the lock seal system ensures complete protection while the fully shift-able lanyard provides a marginal peace of mind.


These are some of the best iPhone cases you can away trust and rely on anytime, and any day to give your phone the maximum protection it deserves.

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