Andrea Abeli

Andrea Abeli- A Source Of Inspiration For The Aspiring Models

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Your confidence is something that helps you beat all the odds in life. It helps you turn yourself into a success story. In the field of modeling, your self-confidence is what matters the most. The way you carry yourself is absolutely important; no matter if you are a slim or a plus-size model. If you are looking for one such example then all you need to do is take a look at the accomplishments and career graph of Andrea Abeli. She is one of the hottest models of the present time, particularly in the plus-size category. She is not just a model, but something more than that.

Born in the year 1984, Andrea started her journey from her homeland in Romania. Right from her childhood days, she had the desire of exploring the world. With dreams in her eyes, she left her country and spent time in some of the major cities around the world, like Milan, London, Miami, and Barcelona. After completing her Master’s degree in Law, she wanted to try her hands at web design, online marketing, and even photography.

It was the year 2012 when Andrea Abeli stepped into the arena of modeling. Her appearance and her stunning figure did work as the catalyst in adding more popularity to her brand on the internet. In 2014, she ventured into online marketing, which did bring in some great results. Being a model herself, she knows how to help other models get the right kind of exposure in the field of modeling. Her skills as a branding expert are something that cannot be questioned. In this regard, she says, “I believe that Instagram is perhaps the best platform to showcase your talent and skills. The presence of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook has made traditional methods of auditions a thing of the past. When it comes to branding, I would always prefer a strategic use of social media.”

Andrea Abeli currently has more than 2 million Instagram followers, which is the sheer proof of her popularity and a strong presence on the social media platform. Her natural curves have helped her stand out from the crowd. From brand promotion to modeling, her journey has been quite exciting so far. She has been really successful in establishing her own style and panache. With the passage of time, she will definitely accomplish more in her life.


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