How to Earn Crypto: 5 Ways You Can Freelance for Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin mining is becoming a costly and time-consuming task. This is so due to the increase in the number of miners every day. Earlier, it was easy and fast to mine a single coin. But as the value of digital currencies increases, the process is becoming difficult.

However, today there’re better and easy ways to earn bitcoins without having to run crypto software or purchasing expensive ASICs. Although some of the techniques require you to have experience in a particular industry, there’re some that need minimal efforts.

Freelancing is one of the excellent methods because you can work from anywhere and get paid with bitcoins. Here are simple ways you can earn digital currencies through freelance jobs.

1. Provide Online Services

Whether you’re a copywriter, an artist, programmer or even a transcriber, you can earn bitcoins by offering your services to various clients. Some of the popular freelance marketplaces include FreeLanceForCoins. Here, clients will post different jobs for your picking. Once you get hired and complete a task, you’ll receive payments through digital currencies.

2. Blogging

Blogging is one of the well-known methods to earn Bitcoins. However, it’s not a get-rich-quick technique due to its long and slow process. It requires a lot of commitments in building your audience and creating a good relationship with advertisers. It’s also time-consuming to increase content quantity and quality.

For you to earn Bitcoins faster through blogging, you need to start a blog on revenue sharing websites. Platforms such as will reward freelancers for every contribution they make on the site.

Additionally, you can use other Bitcoin advertising platforms such as Mellowads and Bitcoset. These sites will help you to increase your revenues by monetizing your sites.

As well, you can earn Bitcoins by requesting tips. Many Bitcoin enthusiasts are using tipping bots on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter to reward content creators.

3. Writing Websites Articles

Many digital currency websites are looking for freelancers who can write high-quality contents for their sites and other online publications. If you’re a writer with Bitcoin knowledge, you can browse these sites and apply for various jobs.

The jobs can cover a variety of topics for both beginners and experienced writers. Once you apply for a job, you can select your preferred payment method, whether Bitcoins or fiat currency.

4. Promote Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Another excellent way to earn Bitcoins is by promoting various affiliate programs. An affiliate is a person who sells or advertises certain businesses online. If the individual manages to bring a paying client to these sites, they’ll be paid a commission.

There’re many Bitcoin exchanges platforms offering affiliate programs. Once you apply on these sites, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link for promoting a product or service. This method has low risks, and your Bitcoin commission earnings can range from medium to high.

5. Earn Bitcoins by Helping People

There’re other platforms such as Bitfortip that gives out Bitcoin tips for answering people’s queries. On these sites, anyone can ask a question and the person who answers it receives a commission. is another forum where Bitcoin enthusiasts get digital currency updates and information. If you have excellent research skills, you can use such sites to increase your earnings.

These ways will help you to acquire Bitcoins fast and easy. You don’t need to have crypto mining skills, and you can earn the coins in your field of expertise. You only need to research the sites that offer Bitcoins payments for services rendered.


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