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Tactical Smartwatch Store, T1 Tact Watch, Now Accept Bitcoin & XRP Cryptocurrencies

An authentic tactical watch can make any driven individual’s life more efficient, just as any artificial intelligence should.  The features for exercise and scheduling, combined with durability, help entrepreneurs stay on top of various sectors of daily routines.   Looking to enhance relations with forward-thinkers of today, tactical smartwatch brand T1 Tact Watch, has leapt into bed with Cryptocurrency shoppers.

“Cryptocurrency is here now.  It’s the present and future. We’re accepting Cryptos to connect with world visionaries. Millions are already trading these crypto coins and I want T1 Tact Watch to greet such shoppers and learn how to improve in that business space,” said brand founder, Rodrick Rainey.

According to their official website (see here),  people can purchase one of their tact watches with Bitcoin, XRP aka ripple, or Ethereum.    The 6 step sequence is pretty simple.    Crypto coin transactions will rely on client emails with customer support to process the transaction.

What are the prices for Crypto coin buyers?

The prices do not vary from normal rates.  The T1 Tact watch price is $69.99 USD.    Shipping is free to buyers in the United States.  International buyers will have to pay $23 for shipping, which takes up to two weeks for delivery with tracking.

If wishing to buy multiple tactical watches from the T1TW brand,  discounts will be applied as  usual as well. For wholesale purchases, business is handled via e-mail privately.

The company has a Crypto wallet to receive all payments.    Other cryptos may be accepted as well, as long as they are traded on Binance or Coinbase.

What features does this smartwatch have?

The T1 Tact has several features listed on their company website ( see smartwatch features here ).    Recently uploaded to the internet, the instructive information is still be updated.   Over 20 features and services that work with the watch have been mentioned. However, according to BNFY, the 8 cooler features are:

  • Step Counter ( for running & hiking )
  • Calories Burned counter
  • Distance Ran tracker
  • Sleep monitor
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Social Media & Text message notification
    • Connects with QQ, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsAppe, Skype, and Line
  • Phone call notifications
  • Running/Gym Workout Analysis

Where can you see the watch?

To view the T1 Tact watch you can visit either of the official social media profiles or simply go to .  The twitter, instagram, facebook, and tumblr pages are all under the username @T1TactWatch . As of today, there’s over 4,000 people following the social media accounts of the smartwatch brand with growth daily.