How to create, build, start and make a viral website like Buzzfeed

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A viral website require a combination factors such as creation of viral content, a mobile responsive design, strategic promotion through social media and a site with high CTR for Google Adsense. A viral content is a piece of media in the form of video, images, music that suddenly becomes an online hit, a kind of sensation.

A viral content is short lived but enjoys maximum attention and influence. They are shared and enjoyed by a large number of people and in the process a lot of traffic is generated towards a particular content. This opens up a chain of online advertising and affiliate marketing opportunities that can generate a descent income for you just because of the viral content. So, set up your website with help from viral WordPress themes and make it viral.

To get your viral website going, you need some planning and some basic works done.

You must have a Google Adsense Account Secure domain name e.g.,, etc.Sing up for aA VPS web hosting account. A VPS package is necessary because you need a web server to handle massive flow of traffic. Open facebook and twitter account of your website and allow the viral content on your site to spread far and wide that in turn generate traffic for your site. Be ready to use Facebook and Twitter to your advantages.

How to create a viral website

Creating a viral website is not difficult. You should use WordPress platform for its SEO advantage and flexibility. Now, to set up your website, you need the following:

Publish viral content: Now start writing and publishing contents that have the potential to go viral. An analysis of some of the recent viral content can give you an idea what kind of content you should publish on your site.

In short, you should rewrite the viral content and publish it on your site. Buzzfeed, viralInova, Twitter and Facebook reflect the number of shares and like a particular viral content has received. Based on that, you can decide which content you should reproduce and publish it on your site.

The best option is to write original content and publish it on your site as it has tremendous SEO advantages.

Aggregate and curate: You can also aggregate and curate content from various sources and blogs and publish them on your site. You can also safely copy the viral content and publish it on your site with some changes in the title and the copy and promote them on social media.

Adsense codes: Don’t forget to put Adsense codes at strategic locations in your content and website. Try using Adsense optimized Themes for this purpose.

Learn from leaders: Here is a list of some of the most popular viral websites as per the Alexa ranking. This should inspire and enliven your creativity to create and launching your own viral WordPress website in this niche:,,,,,,,,,,


You can follow these simple steps and set up your viral website right from the scratch to setting it on a path of rapid growth. Be committed and serious to your endeavor and soon you will be walking away with cake.


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