The Homeschooler’s Guide to Getting Into College

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There is a perception that homeschoolers encounter challenges when it is time for them to join college. But then, this perception might have been true some years back. These days, colleges have simplified homeschoolers admission process. There is even actually a demand for these students nowadays as they seem to be excellent ones.

Facts about the college admission process

Harvard needs homeschoolers

Those top schools including Stanford, MIT, Harvard and Duke at these days making recruitment actively. They do anything to see these students are at their doors. They believe such students are far better prepared for college than other schoolers.

Colleges are simplifying their admissions policies

These days colleges are simplifying admission process for these students to be more of friendly. They have gone an extent of accepting portfolios of work instead of requesting for transcripts. The process has turned out to be a flexible one.

Take advantage as a homeschooled student

In situations of competitive admissions, students differentiating themselves from other applicants appear to be a difficult thing. Homeschooled students will have an advantage as they have some experience.

A GED isn’t required to get federal student aid

People have been spreading rumours that there is must have a GED if a homeschooler needs to be eligible to receive federal student aid. This is false; these students are exempted from a GED.

Homeschoolers in high school to earn more college credits

These students have been found to be earning more college credits than others before their freshman year of study. On average, they earn 14.7 credits whereas their counterparts earn 6.0.

These students do well in college

From the look of things, these students do register better grades than their counterparts. An average of 3.37 GPA is registered by a homeschooled freshman compared to 3.08 of the other in their first semester in college. They continue taking the advantage up to their senior years in college.

Tips to simplify the admission process

Know what’s expected

There is a certain criterion that is expected to be followed by colleges. You need to ensure you utilize high school years well ahead of everything. You need to have updated records and always be ready to share what you have been doing.

Don’t slack on deadlines

Everything needs to be known in advance. Know the date you will be taking the SAT, submitting your applications, and also don’t forget to work out your financial aid early.

Stop waiting to start getting college credit

People are fond of waiting to get into college to get credit but then you need not wait. You can have this while at the high school still.

Get out, and get active

Most of these students do a great job already but then, pointing out even just a reminder is important. You can shine if you engage yourself in extracurricular activities, joining groups at the community level and other extra initiative activities. Keep a record of them and remember to mention them during the application time.

Your essay is of great importance

Most schools would not read applicant essays but then once they come by a homeschooler’s application, reading theirs seems to be a must do a thing. With this, you need to deliver the best in this part.

Resources to help one an easy time to join a college

HSLDA | Preparing for College

HSLDA has simplified everything. They have come up with an extensive resource that has clearly explained the required steps to help you do thorough preparations for college.

Homeschooled Applicants | MIT Admissions

MIT Admissions Director called Matt McGann has prepared a guide to those students interested to join them. He has clearly explained things this college and others look into when admitting homeschoolers.

FAQ About Unschooling College and High School

You will have answers to any question-related admission of homeschoolers from


Many colleges do need ACT or SAT test scores when carrying out admissions. You will get a list of ACT/SAT from FairTest optional to four-year colleges. Take advantage of homeschooling SAT Prep Classes in NYC.

HSLDA Sample Transcripts

Take advantage of HSLDA sample transcripts to come up with an idea of how the one you will present in your admission should look like.

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