Why We Change Our Goals

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When you are growing up you have all the energy, aspirations in the world; to change the world for the better.  You want to be a doctor, a painter, join the police or army all the things you want to be when you are growing up have one thing in common. They make the life of people around you better, secure or bring a little joy. But, by the time you are 24-25 year old you find yourself tapping keys on keyboard sitting in some cubical. What changed?

Why are you doing this that you never planned to do?  Some find it easier to say that people change with time. Life changes so do the priorities in life with them. The answer is not that simple. It shouldn’t be. People come from diverse background, different upbringing, they have lived a different life. It can never be that simple. We set down with a team of ThankForTheHelp members and broke this research down to make it easily understandable.

  1. Society: At some point in your young life. You are ridiculed for having your dream. Because, the people around you think you aren’t good enough, you are crazy for even thinking that, for having that dream. When you fail at your first attempt. Without even wasting a second that claims that people around you were making solidifies. Some people have a colossal amount of crippling social anxiety that they don’t even try to begin with.
  2. Need to fit in:  Any person who says they are not looking to fit in is lying. It’s undeniable that we have this need to be liked, this need to belong. Sometimes it’s the need to be liked by that cute girl in the class. Sometimes it’s fitting in with the majority in school. And in this shuffle, we kind of forget what we wanted to do and start doing what everyone else is doing.
  3. Finance and self-doubt: Everyone wants to be a winner. Let’s just face it, nobody likes a nobody. It’s a harsh reality, but it is what it is. We measure our worth by the amount of money we earn in life because that’s what we have been taught. We constantly see people failing around us in the things that we wish to do in life. The installs fear of survival and we start doing things that help us survive to the point we are so dependent on that we can’t think of doing anything else.
  4. Desire: One major reason that we give up is that our desire isn’t strong enough.  We want everything while staying in our comfort zone. We don’t want to do extra, but we want extra. We act like universe owes us, people around us owe us. Without ever doing anything. That’s never going to happen. Nobody owes you. And until the desire to be the best at what you do overweights everything else in this world it’s not going to happen.

These are the four major reasons why we change our goals as per the research done by TopAssignmentExperts and explained by TFTH folks. We are not saying there is something wrong with changing your goals. All we are saying is do it for the right reasons.  There is nothing wrong with sitting in a cubicle and working from dusk to dawn to make the company you are working with great if that’s what you want to do. If you are doing it just to survive don’t do it; because a billion others survive on this planet without doing that. So will you!

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