Selfies, Pics, videos, and Insta stories

The use of camera phones and the need to take selfies, take random pics, record random videos have grown to the point that the fact itself that people didn’t do things like taking selfies, record videos sounds like something out of a primitive era.  Internet and camera phone has finally surpassed the peanut butter and jelly sandwich as the most famous combination in the world.

Thanks to this combo people globally have seen others do some really dumb things and make millions off it. Even fear has changed. Not too long ago, but before this combo of a camera phone and high-speed internet came into existence people had different fear in different situations. For example: If you got into a fight back in the day, the fear was getting knocked out. Now, that fear is overpowered by the fear of seeing the video of you getting knocked out while the person recorded the video is screaming “ Worldstar”.

People have gotten in trouble with authority and people in general because of pranks. But, let’s admit it, some pranks are downright stupid, cringe and people making them do deserve to get in trouble. There is a clear difference between having fun and costing somebody something. Especially when you are dealing with a stranger.  You don’t know what the person you are going to prank is going through.

Then comes the Instagram models. They get a lot of unnecessary hate. Now we get it why they get so much hate. It’s because they have made more money by faulting their butt on the camera than most singers, stand up comics have by working for years on their craft and putting their work out there. But one needs to understand its not the fault of those Instagram models that world is filled with sleazy people, creeps who look at butts all day.  You can’t, I mean you can, but you shouldn’t hate on someone’s hustle.

Remember vine! It has made people like King Bach, Amanda Cerny and even people like Jack Paul, who looks like he has the attention span of a pigeon into millionaires” – says Paul, Marketing Expert from BestOnlineAssignmentHelp.

Pics, videos use to mean something, they use to represent memory. Now it just shows our desperate desire to be liked. Now, it’s just a tool to stay relevant in front of people who you’ve never met and probably will never meet.

This is not hating these are just facts based on the study conducted by BestOnlineAssignmentHelp on human behavior.  The positive side of this narcissistic culture is that you can earn money by doing anything, almost everything has an audience. Who would have thought that people will watch someone playing video games on the internet and that person is going to own one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world?

The answer is no one. You don’t even need to be a pioneer, you just need to learn how to make good use of tools you already have and just do what you want to do in life. But, be consistent. “ – Says Shaly from EssayWriter4U

Another study mentions that the inability to produce regular content and a regular decline in popularity has resulted in increase symptoms of depression, anxiety in people.  Be a little smart when you are doing it. A lot of people just to get extra likes on Instagram flood their caption with so many hashtags that it looks like an irrelevant ugly paragraph.  In the end, we just want to say have fun, don’t let irrelevant things cripple your self worth and drive you towards depression.


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