How to be a successful Uber Driver and Provide Excellent Customer Service

Uber has revolutionized the way we experience urban transport. Ridesharing is becoming the norm and it brings with it opportunities to make something extra within your own schedule. The requirements to become an Uber driver are quite straightforward, having the appropriate car and getting the prerequisite police background check.

Becoming an Uber driver to earn some money requires that you have the mind-set of any other entrepreneur. Customer Service by Uber is one of the key reasons why the ride sharing app has been very successful. This model translates down to individual drivers. Whether you are driving to make some extra income or as the main occupation, it is always helpful to know more on how to be a successful Uber driver.

Mind the Ratings!

Uber have a self reporting system that allows customers to give feedback on the quality of services they receive. That means every time you give someone a ride it counts on your overall rating on the Uber platform. If the ratings get below 4 stars, it raises concerns and you might get deactivated from the app.

A customer giving a rating of 1 indicates a serious problem and Uber management will want to know what the problem could be.

Overall observation of some basic guidelines will ensure that your ratings do not suffer.

Be polite and courteous

Always try to start the conversation with your customers with a polite salutation. The form of the greeting will depend with your locality and the age group of the customer. Opening the door for the customer, especially the elderly and incapacitated if the situation allows is a much appreciated gesture of care and politeness.

Be Friendly

This does not mean you have to chatty! It is always best to have a sense of whether the customer is in a mood for a conversation or not, usually it is preferable to follow their lead as far as making small talk is concerned. However our body gestures set the general mood when we are sharing confined spaces with other people. A genuine smile and paying attention to what your customer says keeps a good atmosphere for the ride.


Many people get really offended by offensive odors. Keep your car clean, especially do not take meals nor pass wind inside the car when your driver status is active. Take your baths and do not apply products with overpowering scents.

Offer Extras

If possible you can go the extra mile and have some candy for your customers. Place them in a convenient place they can reach for it themselves, the gesture might bring the opposite effect if you are passing a piece of gum you have retrieved from your back pocket.

If you have music it will be polite to ask if they are okay with your choice of music, better still if you have some that suits their taste. Having a car phone charger or auxiliaries through which they can plug in their music will have them wishing they could rate you 6 stars!


Just like in any other business, the attitude you have when doing Uber driving will usually reflect to your customers and invariably it will show on your bottom-line. Apart from the financial gain, the social interactions you get when driving an Uber are invaluable in people skills acquisition. The best way to enjoy yourself while getting these rewards is by aiming to provide the best customer experience possible.


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