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A Teen Was Suspended From The Upcoming Prom for Strapping Fake Bomb to His Chest. Promposal Goes Wrong!

This Middle Eastern teen wanted to do something that will leave a mark in the history of promposals.

He thought about strapping a bomb to his chest. The bomb was not actually real, but it was made to look like one.

This was made just for inviting his prom date. Well, this thing got him suspended of the prom and the effort was for nothing.

As a Middle Eastern, he thought this would be funny and clever. According to the interview he gave for “The Columbian” he wore it for 20 seconds, took a picture with it and then took it off.

His name is Ibrahim Ahmad and the school didn’t forgive him.

Here is the whole video:

Some say that this is romantic while others say this has racism written all over it. What do you think?

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