20 Irritating Things You’ll Find Relatable

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Accidents and unpleasant things happen to each of us every day. Some are minor and we simply brush them off and think nothing of them. Yet, sometimes those small things can take us to a boiling point.

Things like slow internet connection, tricky cables, wrongly placed items, a loose thread from a sweater, are just a few of the things that happen inevetably, and drive us crazy.

However, the most important thing is to never lose patience and the sense of humor while facing these little troubles. Just remember, you’re not the only one these things happen to.

Take a look at these photos and see how many you can relate to.


1. When opening a package


2. When you ask for a window seat in a plane


3. When something sticks to your shoe


4. When the fork falls in the sauce handle first


5. When opening a can


6. When someone leaves a sip in a big container


7. When you try to dry your hands


8. When pouring yogurt


9. When the cable gets stuck in the chair wheel


10. When you soak your sleeve


11. When there are mirror ceilings in public bathrooms


12. When there is “free” seat on the bus


13. When you open sweets


14. When you pour from one glass into another


15. When tying new shoelaces 


16. When you take out your earphones 


17. When you find this spoon in the sugar bowl


18. When the dog “behaves”


19. When this happens to the bra


20. When you want just one banana

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