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Destiny: Reputation Panel is a Welcome Addition


This week,¬†¬†announced some new details for the upcoming February update patch for Destiny, Update 1.1.1. One of the biggest changes is the incorporation of a Reputation Panel for the Guardian inventory in Destiny.¬† . I have wanted to see this in the game for a long time. Ever since the launch of the game, there was only one available way to check a status update for player reputation gains for various factions. Currently, players are able to increase their reputation meter with the Vanguard, the Crucible, the various Tower factions, Eris Morn and Cryptarch Master Rahul. The only way to check the status and level of a player’s reputation meter for these specific parties is to actually go up to that personal faction. An icon shows the current status of a particular Guardian’s reputation for that specific party. It is a tedious endeavor. Players should be able to check the status of those certain reputation meters by opening their inventory. This change will occur as part of Update 1.1.1, and it is a welcome change for Destiny.

Bungie should have had this feature in the game since launch. In speaking with other players, it is my understanding that a Reputation Panel was not available at launch because Bungie wanted to encourage players to use the Destiny app to check reputation panels and gains. If that was the case, it was a misguided and ill-advised move on the part of the developers. Players do not want to constantly check their smart phones while playing the game, since the phones might be turned off or charging. With the new update, players will finally be able to check the Reputation Panel in their inventory with a push of a button.

Based on the weekly update, players will be able to open their personal inventory via placing the cursor over an icon. When that icon is selected, it will show the real time panel of reputation meters for the player in the game. That includes Guardian ranks for the Cryptarch; the Vanguard; the Crucible; Eris Morn; and the various factions who reside in the Tower of the City. Now, players do not have to constantly run from Tower vendors to Tower vendors to check their reputation gains and weekly marks. It is just a click away.

Destiny still has its flaws, and the game is far from perfect. However, I am glad to see that Bungie is picking up feedback from the community and making functional changes to improve the game. This move does not make the game excellent and fully fix it, but it is a step in the right direction.

Jeffrey Harris, a pop-culture, entertainment, and video game journalist and aficionado, resides in Los Angeles. He is a staff writer for games, movies/TV, MMA and Wrestling and contributor to and He is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin's Radio, TV, Film program.