This Little Girl Was Humiliated by Her Teacher and She Took a Step Forward

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Before we continue further, we have to say that this is not the proper solution you can bring when someone humiliates you.

This teacher was abusive, that is correct, but we can’t say the girl reacted like she should.

Enough of the seriousness, this girl totally lost it and gave the most natural response any person could think of at the moment.

She has a really nice kick I wonder from whom she learned it.

Anyway, teachers, this is not the best way to treat your kids when they don’t know the answer. If you treat them like this you might deserve what’s coming next.

A kid in the classroom captured this incident right at the moment of humiliation and we can see the perfect groin kick.

[responsive_youtube norel]

That must’ve hurt really bad. That poke on her head must’ve unleashed the beast in this girl.

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  1. "but we can’t say the girl reacted like she should" seriously!!? He wasn't just verbally humiliating her, he was forcefully jabbing her in the head! It's politically correct people like you who are ruining our societies!!

  2. THAT is not a "teacher", that is an abuser!!! The kick in the balls he deserves has to come from the Education authorities, not from a little girl in distress!!!
    [Eso no es un maestro, es un abusador, y la patada en las bolas que merece, debe venir de las autoridades, no de una nena en una situación de stress.]

  3. “That poke on her head must’ve unleashed the beast in this girl…“ The beast was humiliated, threatened, yelled… oooh, and poked in the head… If the teacher was having a bad day, he should ask for a replacement. I was a teacher and NEVER thought about treat my pupils like that. The respect as a teacher is earned with the respect for your pupils. All I can see is a Teacher showing no values in that class.

  4. this is soooo staged and plus she didn't even reach his balls and even so it was the girls fault the teacher was just mearly pushing her head besides if you we're a teacher and a student won't listen and doesn't even now what the subject is wouldn't you react the same way?

  5. the teacher needs to take deep breath and send her back to her place in the classroom. An then, give her an extra homework, to accomplish the subject she wasn't understanding… instead of yell her, hit her, and humiliate her. I was a teacher and things only get worse if you use the violence, sooner or later…

  6. No, this happens all the time now where kids have phones in class and tape incidents. We had one on the news where a student, female, was first verbally abusing a teacher, then physically abusing. Here in Australia teachers can be sued for doing this to a child, now we have children that have no respect for teachers, parents, police not even themselves. There needs to be a middle line

  7. Can't agree with you. Nobody has right to touch to the kids or humiliate them with that way, especially in front of the other kids. Because it would remain in their mind and image. She is just a little girl. To be a teacher he should has known how to control his anger and disappointment to teach the kids with the right ways. If not he isn't anything different with kids.

  8. Ana Matus teachers alwasy yell if you don't listen but yes i agree about the hitting but he was just merely pushing her head i know its still violence but did she really need to kick his balls you can just say this because you ain't a boy and oooh jesus does it hurt if your ballocks gets hit

  9. Vũ Lệ Thu I know… that is what I was saying. I was saying too that whoever wrote "but we can’t say the girl reacted like she should" was wrong because too, because they were saying she did not act properly, I think she did

  10. What is the language their saying… and what are they saying?…. but… for the look of it the mature one verbaly abuse the child and the kid just let her anger out … hahaha

  11. He placed a hand on a student that was not acting aggressively and showed no intent to harm or have a physical reaction and was visibly upset. There is situations where students may need to be made physical contact with but she was visibly nervous and upset, demonstrated by her stepping away from the situation and putting her head down. Embarrassing her like that will only strung her learning.

  12. IDK how it is in Russia, but here in America, if someone touches you and you don't want them to, you have EVERY right to kick them in the groin!

  13. Why is so hard for you guys to understand that every culture is different?? As much as you guys are soo proud of the American culture, why can't you respect someone else's culture? Truthfully, kids in America need this kind of treating these days!!!!! Some of you all do it behind close doors or just plain don't have the guts to try!!!

  14. 1) can we get some translation and identify the launguage 2) looks like that nigga ain't gonna have no kids

  15. He deserved it! I bet he didnt learn in school at all! Does he know that pressing his finger down her head cant make her more smart?! He deserved that kick and if i was there i would call miley and her wrecking ball To come in and wreck him instead! Geez if i ever see a teacher doing this to anyone i would smack the sillyness out of them!!

  16. …. When a teacher touches you in any fashion especially violently like that man- he deserves any kind of treatment deemed fit by the student. People with authority can often let it go to their heads… Sometimes they need a swift kick in the balls to remember they too are human and capable of mistakes. This guy makes me angry.

  17. Personally I believe she did the right thing, when he started touching her, that's when you draw the line. I can imagine her parents telling her that if someone who is not her parents are touching her that she should do what she needs to too get away from them. I believe this was more self defense than an act of rage. You can take a hint by the way she's just standing she's not the kind of kid that would hit just because she's upset. Just my thoughts.

  18. Wow i cant believe how much bashing i see in the comments towards this little girl. One, he shudnt be touching her… He poked her in the head twice then he grabbes her very roughly on by her shoulder so she pushed him off and kicked him…. I donth think this little girl is wrong… Here is this big man humilating yelling and belittling her… He is wrong …. She is a child… Someonea daughter and how dare you people say her feelings dont count and she shouldny have stood up for herself… Smh absolutely ridiculous

  19. that should have been 'were' not 'we're' but do you see anybody shouting at you and poking your head in a room full of your peers? he was totally over the line deserved what he got and more, end of

  20. "…This teacher was abusive, that is correct, but we can’t say the girl reacted like she should.
    Enough of the seriousness, this girl totally lost it…"
    Are you fucking kidding me? He was jabbing her in the fucking head that was not losing it. Good on the girl, he's just a fucking bully.

  21. Actually that's exactly what you do. As a child if someone lays a hand on you, you should be taught to take them down and run. Just because it was a teacher means nothing. If someone was trying to abduct her she wouldn't be going anywhere

  22. Opinions on this might differ depending on where you come from lol. I don't think the teacher should have touched her at all, that was stepping over the line. Talk to her one on one, don't yell at her in front of her peers.

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