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Hunting the Hidden Prize: A Guide to Unlocking the Bigfoot Outfit in Grand Theft Auto V

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The world of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) is known for its immersive gameplay, engaging storyline, and the plethora of customization options it offers to players. One such coveted item is the elusive Bigfoot outfit. As Halloween festivities loom around the corner, the outfit becomes a hot topic among players. This article provides a detailed guide on how to get Bigfoot outfit in GTA 5.

The Legend of Bigfoot in GTA

The lore of Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is deeply engraved in the GTA series, with numerous references and sightings of this mythical creature throughout the game. From humorous Easter eggs to challenging missions, Bigfoot has become an integral part of the GTA universe.

Halloween Celebrations in GTA Online

Halloween is one of the most exciting times in GTA Online. The game hosts a variety of special events, and players can participate in different activities to earn exclusive rewards. One of the most sought-after rewards during this season is the Bigfoot outfit.

Unlocking the Bigfoot Outfit

The process of acquiring the Bigfoot outfit is relatively straightforward. All players need to do is log into GTA Online on October 31st, the day of Halloween. By doing this, the outfit will be automatically added to their inventory, free of cost.

Additional Halloween Cosmetics

Apart from the Bigfoot outfit, players can also obtain the Death Mask. Like the Bigfoot outfit, the Death Mask can be obtained by logging into GTA Online on October 31st. This mask, made famous by GTA’s Judgement Day, adds a spooky touch to your character’s appearance.

More Halloween Rewards

GTA Online’s Halloween event doesn’t just stop at the Bigfoot outfit and Death Mask. Players can earn a variety of other Halloween-themed cosmetics by participating in the game’s events and missions. For instance, players can earn different masks by signing up to be a bodyguard or by completing special cargo missions.

Clone Slasher Event

The Clone Slasher Freemode event is another exciting activity added to the game during the Halloween season. In this event, players can encounter Killer NPCs creating chaos across the city. There’s even a 50% chance that players might encounter a clone of their own character as a Slasher.

Double Rewards in Halloween Modes

The Halloween season in GTA Online also offers double rewards in various Halloween-themed Adversary Modes. Some of these modes include:

  • Halloween Bunker Series
  • Judgement Day
  • Condemned
  • Come Out to Play
  • Lost vs. Damned
  • Alien Survivals
  • Beast vs. Slasher

Other Halloween Items

Players can also unlock two new items during the Halloween week:

  • Halloween Chute Bag – Complete any Sell Mission in the game
  • Green Vintage Frank mask or Pale Vintage Mummy mask – Successfully deliver Cargo during Business Battle

New Vehicles in GTA Online

The Halloween update also brings new vehicles to the game. As of the latest update, the BF Weevil Custom is now available for players. Inspired by the VW Beetle Rat Rod, the BF Weevil Custom is a two-door custom compact hot rod.

Final Words

Halloween is a fun and exciting time in GTA Online. With the opportunity to dress up as Bigfoot and participate in various spooky events, it’s no wonder that players eagerly anticipate this season. So don’t forget to log in on October 31st and claim your Bigfoot outfit and other Halloween rewards!