Dying Light: Extended Gameplay Video Looks Great

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Dying Light

The developers at Techland, the creators of the Dead Island franchise, recently showed off an extended gameplay video of Dying Light. The new video features over 90 minutes of actual gameplay for the first-person zombie survival game. The game looks quite huge and impressive with a ton to do and see. The latest gameplay video highlights a lot of the game’s mechanics and features, and I am more excited than ever about it.

Among the more interesting features for the game, the developers demonstrated how the safe houses work for the game. Specifically, there does not appear to be any type of autosave feature for the game. Instead of autosaves, players must secure safe houses to serve as save checkpoints. This is a zombie survival game, so I believe having that type of feature makes sense. An autosave feature that constantly holds the player’s hand would defeat the purpose of a game like this. The lack of autosave would effectively add to the player’s tension for the game. Also, death takes away the survival points of a character.

I enjoy the use of versatile melee combat. In addition to the freedom of movement the game allows, it seems to have a lot of interesting melee attacks–more than typically seen for a first-person shooter or zombie shooter game. The main protagonist, Kyle Crane, can use guns. However, bullet shots from guns attract zombies because of the noise. Fortunately, Crane seems to have tons of edged and bludgeoning weapons at his disposal. Some weapons can slice off limbs. Some can just bash a zombie’s head right in. For hand-to-hand attacks, Crane can just toss a zombie off a roof with a grappling technique. Crane also has a dropkick he can use to just kick a zombie off a roof to a crushing demise.

The gameplay video highlights an expansive area of the open-world sandbox called Old Town. The design for the Old Town portion of the city looked fantastic. It resembles Tangiers and Cairo.The city has different areas that will have different design types, rather than everything looking the same. The open-world map looks quite huge, and the video indicates there will be both interior and exterior quests.

So far, Dying Light looks progressively more impressive with each new video release. It looks like the game will be a massive and challenging zombie survival game. Dying Light finally hits the shelves in the US on January 27, Australia and New Zealand on January 27 and Europe and Asia on January 30. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/Rusp3PRC-UA”]

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