14 Tasty Facts of Chocolate Plus 7 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Will Make You Run to the Nearest Store

Here we are again with our food facts. I know we are making you to feel hungry, but what can we do when we are big food lovers ourselves.

You know how the “healthy food” campaigns are all about avoiding chocolate, but when it comes to this little piece of food that makes feel revived are all blind and deaf.

Maybe they are telling us the true about these things, but come on its cheat day today.

We have prepared for you something special this time. We have collected 14 facts about dark chocolate accompanied by 7 nutritional benefits that will make you feel right about eating dark chocolate.

However, everything has a limit and make sure you don’t overpass it.

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We will start you off with the facts:

The smell of dark chocolate triggers relaxation by increasing the THETA brain waves 


White chocolate is not a chocolate. It doesn’t contain cocoa solids or liquor 


400 Cacao beans are needed for making 450 grams of chocolate


The Chocolate Chip Cookie has sold his idea to Nestle for unlimited supply of Chocolate 


Your favorite M&Ms are invented in 1941. The main purpose was for soldiers to enjoy a nice piece of chocolate without melting


Every second Americans consume 100 pounds of chocolate. They have already eaten 400 pounds of chocolate while you read this


The largest chocolate bar in the world weighed 5,792 kilos

Milton Hershey, the Hershey Chocolate Company founder, was on the verge of loosing his life making a reservation for the Titanic. He canceled the trip for business matters


Have you heard about potato chips dipped in milk chocolate? – Well… now you have. 


Dark chocolate reduces the chances of heard disease by 1/3, but we will save something for the benefits later 


Chocolate protects against tooth decay and has an anti-bacterial effect on your mouth 


Belgium in 2013 issued chocolate flavored stamps


Eating 22 LBS of chocolate could be lethal 


Average chocolate bars contain approximately 8 parts of insects


Now let’s take a look at why eating dark chocolate is beneficial for you:

Dark chocolate represents really powerful source of Antioxidants


Dark chocolate could lower blood pressure and improve blood flow


Dark chocolate is VERY NUTRITIOUS 


It raises HDL and protects LDL against oxidation


Dark chocolate lowers the risk of any cardiovascular disease 


It can protect you from the sun 

Improves brain function


There you have it. Make sure you don’t over-eat chocolate for the holidays. It still makes you fat.

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