These 20 Cool Facts About Dogs Will Make You Love them Even More

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There are god knows how many dog breeds in our lovely world. We just can’t go through a day and find out that there is some great doctor working on developing dog breed.

It’s just awesome to have your dog around you all the time.

What we have here are some cool facts that will make you understand and love these creatures even more.

Maybe some of you dog lovers already know these facts we are about to share with you and you are welcome to share more in the comments section bellow.

Before you go down reading these facts you need to know that DOGS ARE AWESOME!

Here we go:

The Newfoundland breed has webbed feet and water resistant coat


3 Dogs survived the Titanic sinking: 2 Pomeranians and 1 Pekingese


Paul McCartney recorded a unique whistle at the end of a song, which is audible only to dogs so his Shetland sheepdog can enjoy his music. The song is “A day in the Life”


Normal adults have 42 teeth while puppies have 28


Dogs are chasing their tail for numerous reasons: predatory instinct, curiosity, exercise or fleas. Consult a vet if this happens to your dog


Dalmatians are born all white


Dogs are like humans. They have slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement


Dogs can see in the dark. It’s the tapetum lucidum membrane that allows them this


Bigger dogs have 60-100 heart beats per minute while smaller dog breeds have 100-140 HBPM


According to a research, dogs can detect stormy weather


The normal temperature of a dog is between 102.5 and 101 degrees by Fahrenheit


Dogs sweat only through their feet pads


All dogs have 3 eyelids. 2 of these eyelids are visible and the third is called “haw” which protects the eye and keeps the eye moist.


Americans are known as huge dog lovers


The latest research shows that 45% of the dogs enjoy sleeping in their owners’ bed


Dogs have 1,700 taste buds


Dogs seeing B&W is a myth. It’s believed that dogs can primarily see yellow, greenish yellow, blue and variations of gray


Dogs hear best at 8,000hz. They have really advanced ears


Huge number of separate muscles controls the movement of the ears


Dogs usually curl up when they sleep because an age-old instinct that keeps them warm and protect their abdomen from predators



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  1. Dalmation pups are hardly "all white". Like the rest of their body the spots have not developed, yet are clearly see on the pups, as are black ear markings. Why select Dalmations when many dogs are born with their colour(s) not yet developed.

  2. Dogs know when bad weather is on the way. My Papillion will find a warm, snug to curl up the day before the bad weather is due and won't go outside until the storm is well away.

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