25 Facts about Weed Most of the People Weren’t Aware of. Interesting…

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The weed, pot, ganja, marijuana or whatever you call it is still illegal in most of the states.

I don’t know if this is the best way to prevent people from using it or there is another reason for that, but I do know that even if weed is illegal people are still finding a way to consume it.

Some scientists believe marijuana is the best pain killer out there while the law still doesn’t believe in a single word they put out there for this plant.

Some states already won the fight against the law with this and legalized it in normal doses. Only people with prescription are able to buy marijuana from a pharmacy.

There are some things people don’t know about marijuana. I’m talking about all users of this plant and of course about those who still haven’t tried it.

Let’s bring on the facts:

Tobacco kills more than 480,000 people annually, while marijuana killed none until now. Still, cigarettes can be bought everywhere and marijuana is illegal


The earliest use of weed was recorded in the 3rd millennium BC. Marijuana seeds were found dating from this era in Romania

Consumption of this plant was found in Egypt and China 950 BC and 2800 BC, respectively



The use of marijuana is not limited only to drugs. The weed fibers can be also used for making a rope or some kind of fabric. According to some scientists, the Easter Islands iconic stones were moved with ropes made of this fiber

A research claim that at 42% of all Americans have smoked weed at least once


A grow module of just 4 plants consumes electricity equal to 30 fridges

Misad Shazi

Marijuana and beer have so much in common. The hops of beer belong to the same flowering plant family as the cannabis


Marijuana can treat pets. However, people have to consider giving them small quantities because it’s believed larger dose of cannabis can kill animals

Marijuana has very low levels of THC toxicity which makes the overdosing deaths of marijuana a rarity. If death comes eventually, it’s from another injection of hashish oil


Legalizing the marijuana all over America will bring additional $9 billion in tax annually. Washington and Colorado were the first states legalizing this plant


Almost 800,000 people are arrested every year for marijuana use in the US


Marijuana is the second most known mood altering substance in the world. Alcohol takes the first place


The marijuana in North Korea is legal and not considered as drug


Marijuana has over 200 slang terms all over the world


Harvesting in normal conditions, a sample of marijuana contains from 3-20% of THC


George Washington grew marijuana


From 1850 to 1942, marijuana was the most popular medicine for rheumatism, nausea labor pains and people were buying it from general stores across US


The one of few downsides of marijuana is that suppresses your whole immune system


If you use marijuana in the form of ointment or lotion it won’t cause the inebriating effects and won’t be shown on a drug test


Marijuana’s production and distribution emits the same level of carbon as 3 million cars


Amsterdam holds a Cannabis Cup every year


A study shows that 9% of all people who consume marijuana become clinically depended of this plant

Marijuana increases the appetite. Some pigs are fed with cannabis by their owners in order to become hungrier and eat more

Hash oil is the most potent form of this plant that contains up to 90% THC. The strongest type of hash oil is the budder which contains up to 99.7% THC

The toughest law about marijuana use is found in Malaysia where 200 grams of weed can give you a death sentence

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