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EA Sports UFC Roster Additions Are Off to a Great Start

EA Sports UFC

Earlier this month, I examined fighters that EA Sports needs to add very soon to the roster for EA Sports UFC. Generally, I was disappointed with the roster size for EA Sports UFC. This is a new-gen title and the size of the roster was even smaller than the initial roster for the last UFC game, UFC Undisputed 3. In my opinion, after years spent developing this game, EA Sports should have easily been able to top that roster. Some divisions were more or less shafted.

I will give credit to Electronic Arts because they are rectifying this error with a free content update. You can check out an early look at the new roster additions with the EA Sports UFC Free Content Update 1 trailer in the player below. The new content update is free, and it is available now. The first three new fighters joining the roster include: UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw; No. 6-ranked bantamweight fighter Takeya Mizugaki; and No. 4-ranked UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley. I am especially happy to see Dillashaw join the roster. Dillashaw was No. 1 on my list from earlier this month. Woodley placed No. 4. Mizugaki did not make my top five most desired DLC picks, but he is still a great addition to the roster. 

I hope these free content updates for EA Sports UFC continue. Besides the three key free fighters, the content update also includes gameplay additions. Per the official EA Sports announcement, the gameplay additions include sprawls for the defense of power takedowns, an updated fight finish that will allow players to land extra shots if a fighter gets knocked out and new touch glove animations at the start of rounds. The sprawl technique is a great defensive technique to add to the overall gameplay.

The fighter animations are one of the best aspects to the game, so I like the addition of the touch of the gloves animation for the fights. I would like it even more if EA Sports would give players the opportunity to decide if fighters want to touch gloves or not. Another nice addition to the gameplay are the extra shots after a knockout which adds greater realism to the simulated fights. UFC Undisputed 3, which is still my favorite UFC game, had a similar feature and it looked and worked great. Sometimes, after a fighter is knocked out or knocked down, his or her opponent will still attempt to land more shots to the downed opponent.

Regardless, I hope this free content update is merely the first of many for EA Sports UFC. Getting UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw as a free DLC fighter is a great plus for the game. However, EA Sports still has a while to go before surpassing the roster of UFC Undisputed 3.

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