Piczle Lines

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Every once in a while, a unique and addicting puzzle game takes over the iOS app market. Angry Birds, Where’s My Water, Cut the Rope; all of these titles have blown up to become more than just “another iPod Touch game.” While these games are all well and good, those looking for something a little different usually have to travel deeper into the library of iOS titles, which is where I discovered Piczle Lines. Since then, it has become the only puzzle game on my iPod Touch.

Developed by Score Studios, a western-style developer located in Japan, Piczle Lines presents a very unique style of puzzle-solving. Each level is set up like a grid, with colored circles scattered throughout. The goal of each level is to connect one circle to another of the same color, until all have been connected. This may sound very similar to Flow, an iOS and Android game that has been making rounds recently, but Piczle Lines has one more trick up its sleeve: each of the circles is also numbered, and the line that connects the two colors must cover exactly the number of spaces shown.

While the initial starter levels are only small grids with generally easy, they eventually become huge, complex puzzles with multiple colors, and you will find yourself constantly having to try new approaches and rearrange lines. Once a level is completed, you will notice that the lines make an image, and some of the addiction comes from wondering exactly what the next puzzle might be.

The best part about Piczle Lines, aside from its creativity and addictive nature, is that it is free, with the option to purchase more puzzle packs at only 99 cents per pack. There is also a story mode available for only 99 cents, which contains 100 puzzles and some humorous cutscenes telling the story of an absent-minded scientist and his adventures through the world.

I have already invested $5 in the puzzle packs, and have been very impressed by the quality of the puzzles. These packs include Wildlife, Myths and Legends, Activities, and a space-themed pack. All downloadable packs consist of four themed categories, each with 20 huge puzzles for you to spend hours on. For those not willing to drop a small amount for new puzzles will be happy to know that there are several free packs that will give you about 100 puzzles total.

Even though Piczle Lines came out quite some time ago, Score Studios is still invested in the project, so expect more puzzle packs in the future. Head on over to the Score Studios Official Website for more information, or right into the iTunes store to download the game now. If you are a puzzle lover who enjoys a good challenge, you won’t be disappointed.

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