Some Bizarre Reasons That Got Really famous Games Banned Around the World. You Won’t Believe This BS

Some Bizarre Reasons That Got Really famous Games Banned Around the World. You Won’t Believe This BS

We all have that “gamer blood” running through our veins, but some people who are in charge are desperate to take even the slightest piece of enjoyment we have from us.

You know I’m talking about gaming right?

There is nothing wrong than sitting at your comfortable chair especially picked for holding your chips on the left side and beer on the right side and playing the newest game that came out recently.

I call this period of year “confusing” because I don’t know what to play because all games are released these few weeks. I will play them all, but the real question is with what do I begin this journey?

We are lucky enough that we can play whatever game we want, some people aren’t. We found some bizarre reasons the government found to ban games from their state. The games are probably pissed!

Let’s see what got these famous games banned:

Dragon Age Inquisition was banned in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India because some of the main characters had different sexual orientation


Singapore banned “The Darkness” because of its excessive violence character


Far Cry 3 was banned in Singapore because the game was making the life in their nation really unpleasant


Indonesia suspended the release of Splinter Cell – Pandora Tomorrow because it was suspected this game was spreading fictional antagonistic organizations which were real in Indonesia.


Saints Row III and IV were banned in UAE because it contained sexual themes, alcohol and drug use and rampant violence


Saudi Arabia feared “Pokemon – Gotta catch them All” will possess the minds of all children promoting Zionism and gambling and banned this game


MMA EA Sports was forbidden in Denmark because the law banned the energy drinks marketing. EA never removed these drinks and Denmark never saw this game


Pakistan banned Medal of Honor Warfighter for its negative picture about Pakistanis.



Singapore banned Mass Effect for its possible lesbian encounter


South Korea banned Homefront because it feared it will increase tension between them and North Korea


A Mexican state banned Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 because some fictional conflicts happened south of Mexican border


Saudi Arabia banned God of War was banned because using the word God here was not liberal.



Brazil banned Counter Strike in 2008 and Half-Life mod because its “imminent stimulus to the subversion of the social order”



Brazil also banned “Cat in the Hat” due to copyright


BlazBlue was banned in the UAE because some of the characters “showed more” with their costume choices


China refused to sell Football Manager 2005 because Tibet was included as independent nation. The game was later edited.


Battlefield 4 never had its debut in China because the Ministry of Culture said BF4 was nothing else than cultural invasion and discredits the national image of China

GTA San Andreas was recalled in the US because there was a hackable sex scene known as “Hot Coffee”


Some states still have issues

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