15 Graduation Fails That Will Make You Feel Sorry. OMG #13?

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Graduation is the most exciting period our life.

Everyone is happy, jumping around, celebrating their achievements.

However.. the celebration and excitement sometimes can go too far. We have 15 examples ready for you, to see what we meant by “excitement going too far”.

You will definitely feel sorry for these students who embarrassed themselves in front of their friends, professors and their family.

#13 what you’ve been thinking dude?

You got to understand them. They are so excited that they forgot to look in front of them.

Oh my god some of them are like the students have been shot down by a sniper.

Without further ado, here are our students of the decade:

#1: Mom, Dad, I got it!

#2: I swear that speaker jumped at me!

#3: I never use stairs

#4: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday going down, going down…

#5: Who put the stairs there?

#6: Actually, this is pretty funny

#7: Man down, I repeat: MAN DOWN

#8: Oh, diving like a pro!

#9: Sorry, you failed at the stairs subject

#10: This is not his fault, or maybe it is?

#11: Damn it! The sniper got him

#12: Hi mom, bye mom

#13: What you’ve been thinking?

#14: Oh the stupidity

#15: The grand finale

Please don’t judge me, but I just can’t stop laughing at them.

They will remember their graduation till the rest of their lives.

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Thank You.

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