Rap Video Went Viral: Breaking Bad vs. Walking Dead

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It’s all about these two geniuses when it comes to movie series. Both of them had their chance to be the best and used them very good. According to the audience the directors of both series have lot of common, because they have similar story.

The others, those called “the haters”, are just hating around saying that Frank Darabont copied some scenes of Vince Gilligan. We will leave you be the judge of this.

Let’s get back to the music video.

In order to cut the chit-chat between the haters and real TV Series lovers, the ERB performers decided to make Head to Head battle between Walter White and Rick Grimes

You will have the opportunity to hear verbal “jabs” thrown both ways. Walter White is played by EpicLLOYD while Nice Peter plays Rick Grimes.

This is our favorite rap battle so far. We encourage ERB to do more of these rap battles in future. They are hilarious for sure. Let’s cut the chit chat and take a look at this video that went viral.

Well guys the stage is yours:

It feels like the good old rap battles. Who won?

My favorite is Walter, especially in those “Tiny Walter Whities”. That was hilarious line.

“Breaking Bad” became the most viewed TV Series in the history of TV Series. Its loyal viewers (10.3 million) have built up huge social buzz around this movie. On the other hand, Walking Dead just finished up the fourth season.

Here is a bonus video for those who want to know what was happening behind the scenes:

They really know how to make a rap battle.

Are you a “Breaking Bad” or “Walking Dead” fan?

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