The 10 Most Dangerous Actors Ever. I Was Surprised That #7 and #9 Were THAT Deadly…

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Let me be open at the beginning, Chuck Norris is not on the list ūüôĀ

Here is the story:

A Computer Science PhD student from Michigan State University called Randal Olson, found a way to build a list of the actors that killed the most people on-screen.

It took 5 years to build the database (MovieBodyCounts) that he used to create the list.

Actually, the list is long, but I wanted to share with you the top 10 since time is money.

Without further ado, check them out:

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 369 Kills

Arnold SwarcernegerImg source:

Chow Yun Fat – 295 Kills

Chow Yun Fat Let The Bullets FlyImg source:


Sylvester Stallone – 267 Kills

Stallone-sylvester-stallone-10313389-1280-720Img source:


Dolph Lundgren – 239 Kills



Tomisaburo Wakayama – 226 Kills

TomisaburoImg source:


Clint Eastwood – 207 Kills

clint-eastwood-3Img source:


Nicolas Cage – 204 Kills

024_nicolas_cage_theredlistImg source:


Jet Li – 201 Kills

Jet-1Img source:


Clive Owen – 194 Kills

Clive-Owen-Iron-ManImg source:


Wesley Snipes – 193 Kills

SNIPESImg source:

Are you surprised?

I am…I dislike Nicolas Cage and I was surprised that he is #7.

Do you dislike someone from the list?

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Thank you!

Source: BI

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