Five Games That Can’t Come Soon Enough

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Sometimes I really wonder about my taste in games, as I’m sure a lot of readers do. I tend to have a gravitational pull to certain genres and types of games, while a general distaste for others, no matter how well executed they are. I mean, I still just can’t get into The Last of Us as being one of the best games that I’ve ever played and will probably not give it a second playthrough, it, like the Uncharted games, just don’t do it for me. There are some games that I’m looking forward to, almost to an unhealthy degree, even though some might never happen or very little information has been released about them yet.

These are those games.

  • Shenmue III – Look, the Shenmue games will always have a special place in my heart. The controls feel really dated if you play them now and you’ll notice how rigid the whole thing is, but they are still very special games. I can only imagine what they’d look like with modern technology behind them and a lot of advances that we’ve seen in open world games since 2001 when Shenmue II was released.
  • New Mass Effect – While a lot of people were unhappy, unsatisfied and just generally upset with the outcome of Mass Effect 3, it never bothered me. Endings are rarely great or mind-blowing, sometimes things that you don’t want to happen have to happen. That was Mass Effect 3. The Mass Effect games are probably some of the best games of this generation of consoles and will go down as some of my favorite games ever, which is a pretty big deal. It doesn’t matter what the next Mass Effect game is, I want it, no matter what.
  • Broken Age – Without even thinking about it, I plopped down money on the Double Fine Kickstarter and I’d do it all over again. Some of my favorite games ever are the Monkey Island games, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. I can’t even imagine what an adventure game from Schafer will be like in a post-Grim Fandango world. Grim Fandango really did just about everything right and set the bar for point-and-click adventure games really, really high.
  • Fallout 4 – After snagging another copy of Fallout 3 during the Steam Summer Sale and giving it a whirl on my PC (after dealing with technical crap to get it working, mind you) I just remember how great of a game Fallout 3 was and how it is well past time for a new Fallout game. I truly love the gameplay style that Bethesda utilizes in their RPGs and there were a lot of mechanics in Fallout 3 that most other games can’t touch, like the limb damage system, the VATS (and how it gets limited) and so on.
  • Destiny – I’ll admit that I’m a Halo fan, but only to an extent. I stopped caring about the story after Halo 3 and it will probably take a lot to get me to complete the story in Halo 4 instead of just playing the awesome multiplayer. I feel like Bungie really revolutionized the way that FPS games were played on consoles with the Halo games and I’m excited that they are dipping their toes into the MMO FPS world with consoles.

So that is my list of five games that I’m eagerly anticipating. Some of which we have release dates for, some of which might never happen, some we’ll get solid release dates and information soon enough. What games are you anticipating right now?

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