Ultimate Guide to Reuse Old Wood Scraps Creatively

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Whether you are a woodworker, a DIY lover, or just someone who likes to work with wood, you probably have a pile of wood scraps lying around in your garage or old wooden furniture that you want to repurpose. You may be wondering what to do with them or where to start, so I have devised several ideas to reuse old wood scraps creatively.

Wood scraps and old furniture take up valuable space in your area and seem to have no use, but don’t get rid of them, you can reuse them in several useful and creative ways

In this article, we will show you why and how to reuse old wood scraps, and give you some examples of projects you can make with them.

Why reuse old wood scraps?

Reusing old wood scraps or repurposing wooden furniture is not only a fun and satisfying activity, but also an eco-friendly and smart choice.

Here are some benefits and challenges of taking this approach:

Benefits of reusing old wood scraps

  • Save money! By using repurposing old wooden furniture or the materials you already have, instead of buying new materials or furniture, you’ll save a ton of money.
  • Reduce waste. Giving a new life to old wood or furniture, instead of getting rid of it or sending it to the landfill, will reduce the amount of waste and have a direct environmental impact.
  • You can improve your skills. Taking a creative approach in repurposing or building something will challenge you to make something out of nothing, or something different out of something familiar.
  • Create something YOURS. The best way to create something that has a more significant connection with you is by doing it from scratch! A unique and personalized item that reflects your style and taste.

Challenges of reusing old wood scraps

  • Getting the wood. Not all of us have enough wood scraps or furniture to use for our projects
  • Storage and Management. Storing wood scraps can be a pain, and it can get worse if you’re busy and can’t start your projects immediately.
  • Preparation. To remove dirt, or if needed, fix it by gluing the wood scraps you may need to clean and prepare them before using them.
  • Learning path. While learning something new is part of the fun, you may need to use special tools and techniques, depending on their size, to cut, join, and finish your wood.
  • Safety precautions. Working with wood comes with its dangers, and for first-timers, following safety precautions when working can be challenging, but it’s a MUST.

How do you reuse old wood scraps creatively?

Repurposing old wood scraps or furniture is not as hard as it may seem. All you need is inspiration, imagination and to follow safety precautions.

Here are some tips:

Tips for reusing old wood scraps

  • If you got your wood scraps from old furniture, look at them with a fresh eye. Forget about the old furniture and see what shapes, colors, and patterns the scraps have.
  • Before making something out of the blue, consider what you need in your house. Maybe you need a small garden table or a small wooden shelve.
  • Remember, Google is your friend! Browse online for ideas and tutorials, check out what other people are doing and how. You may learn or teach something while making friends online!
  • Don’t worry about the types or colors of wood you have. Mix and match them differently, and see how they look together. You may create some interesting contrasts and combinations with them.
  • Test, experiment, and have fun! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, this is your area and space to go wild and do whatever you want. You may discover some new possibilities and solutions.

Examples of projects to reuse old wood scraps

In case you need some inspiration, here are some projects you can start with most wood scraps, they are simple but practical and decorative. You can use them for several purposes or different occasions:


One of the first projects, I would recommend starting as a beginner, is coasters. First, they are super easy to make from wood scraps and secondly, they are super useful, since they can protect your furniture from scratches and stains. Also, they are the perfect gift for friends and families.

It can be made from any type of wood, and you can create endless patterns or designs with them.

Beer tasting tray

Want to serve beer uniquely? Make a beer-tasting tray! It’s the best way to serve multiple beers while letting guests sample them. Besides that, you can sell them for a profit to bars, local breweries, or restaurants.

They are easy to make, with just one board and a few tools. Also, you can customize them as you want, with different shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Key hanger

A handy item everyone should have is a key hanger, it’s the best way to organize keys and keep them accessible at the entrance. You can make it using just one big wood scrap cut into a shape you like, or use several wood strips glued or nailed together.

Add some hooks, magnets, or other hangers to make it even more helpful. Make several pieces and put them in useful places, like the bathroom or the kitchen.

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