Best Uses for Wood Crates

People collect all kinds of stuff over time, but most are kept in a garage or a room, which are never used. Some people tend to throw away their old stuff, but they don’t know that they can reconsider their home design and easily create a beautiful and modern look. No matter your taste, there are always ideas on how to bring style to your home. Wood crates, for example, are great storage boxes. You might already even have a lovely aesthetic to your home, but want to declutter or organize everything, and don’t know how and where to start. Here are some tips on how to organize your home using wood crates.

Organize Your Basement

The basement is usually filled with all kinds of stuff you don’t use anymore. On the other hand, you want to keep everything in case you’ll need it later on, but don’t have the necessary space to storage everything. Well, wood crates are great for depositing your old stuff and make more room for your space. Plus, you can put one on top of the other, and put stickers on each box to know what’s inside. Now, you can organize everything and decorate your basement as you wanted to. Why not add an extra room to your home?

Use the Wood Crates to Your Laundry Room

What can you usually find in a laundry room? Detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, etc. But all of these must be stored somewhere, so if there isn’t too much space to install cabinets above your washing machine, you might as well opt for wood crates to deposit cleaning and laundry supplies. Finally, your laundry room is well-organized!

DIY Furniture

DIY projects certainly make an incredible look to your home. If your home is more rustic-looking, even better! Wood crates come in help, again! Choose the darker wood and mix it with white paint to create a balanced look. You can make a table from a wood crate and place it in your living room. It is an attractive design that’ll impress your guests.

Bathroom Design?

It might sound surprising, but many people use wood crates as shelves, mostly in their bathrooms. This idea helps save a lot of space in a small bathroom. You can store towels, shampoo, toilet paper, soap; you name it. Everything will be well-organized so that you can grab them quickly whenever you need it. Also, you can customize them by yourself to fit the size of your space. Make your design project now, and enjoy you organized bathroom soon.

DIY Outdoor Ideas?

The outdoor is just as important as the indoor. So, why not make your guests feel cozy in your yard? Create an outdoor bar from wood crates and store everything from cups, bottles, plates, cutlery, ingredients, and many more essential things that will serve you for when having guests or prepare a barbeque.

These are just a few of the ways you can use wooden crates to design your home, and not only. Organize everything with these simple hacks to make your life easier and your home nicer.