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Is Wood Flooring Worth The Cost?

One of the most common factors determining which type of flooring to use in a home is the cost. You might be wondering if wood flooring is worth it, given how much more expensive it can be than other types like laminate or vinyl. However, if you find the prices of these floors a bit higher, you could also go for the option of sale for buying the cheap flooring.

In this blog, we will discuss the worth of wooden floors.

How Much Does Wooden Flooring Cost?

Wood flooring is not the cheapest type of floor, but you can find deals if you know where to look. For example, on average, wood costs $12 a square foot and particle board (a cheaper alternative) around $11-13 per square foot. This means that for an 800 sq ft home with hardwood floors in each room, you would typically spend between $9600 and $13200. 

However, if labor costs are included in your budgeting, the price may increase to as much as $21000 or more to install hardwood flooring throughout a home. The size of the house also plays into this equation- larger homes will require square footage of flooring, which will result in higher labor rates because of the increased time it takes to install.

Advantages Of Wooden Flooring

The advantages of wooden flooring are many.

  • For one, it looks great and can give any room in your home or office a cozy feeling by giving off the perfect natural light.
  • It is also very durable, providing years of enjoyment for homeowners who use their floors often. You won’t have to worry about dirt marking up your wood floor or scratching it when you need to move furniture.
  • Additionally, it is eco-friendly, making it an excellent choice for people who are looking for wood flooring as an affordable way to go green without sacrificing the aesthetic of their home or office space.
  • Wood floors also resist mildew and mold better than many other types of material, which helps cut down on cleaning time.

Is Wood Flooring A Good Investment?

Wood flooring is an excellent investment because it looks good, smells good, and lasts. Wood can be stained in any color that you want, making your space feel more like home. It also adds warmth to the room because wood emits natural heat waves and feels cool when walked across on hot days. 

Best of all, with very little upkeep, it will last for years. Wood floors are a significant investment and should be considered when looking for affordable flooring options that look good from the moment you install them many years down the line.

In The End

You might not think that wood floors are worth the cost, but they have many benefits over other types of flooring. It’s essential to understand what you’re getting when you go with a specific type of flooring, and it doesn’t always come down to price. We hope this blog post helped you determine if wood floors are for you or not!