Advantages of Text to Speech Technology for Content Creators

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Are you a content creator who relies on audio for your content? If yes, you know that text to speech technology can be a tremendous advantage for you.

Text to speech technology is software that can read text aloud, making it easier for you to produce content. It makes it easier for you to produce content, but it is also more accurate and quicker than normal typing.

So in this article, we’ll explore the six most common advantages that content creators can get by using text to speech technology. So whether you’re a YouTuber looking to improve the voiceover quality by using voice cloning software or a blogger looking to give an extra boost to your website’s business, read this article to learn more about the TTS technology!

text to speech Technology Benefits for Content Creators

1) Helps Improve Conversion Rate

One of the best things about using text to speech technology is that it can improve your conversion rate. Bloggers use this technology to ensure that their visitors are more likely to listen and take action without falling for distractions like popups or annoying adverts.

Additionally, listening instead of reading makes all the difference if you’re looking for a quick discussion with one or two friends! Even if you don’t have time to read the content in full, you can still get a chance to see what points your friends want to highlight.

It’s estimated that around 57% of all websites now use text to speech technology for accessibility, and 50% of DMs sent through Slack are opened because they’ve had video or audio added.

2) Audio Content Is More Scalable than Text

Nowadays, people are accustomed to more and more information being passed along through short videos instead of being read aloud.

With text to speech technology, you can add audio content to your site, allowing users to listen.

This will help improve the experience for all visitors and increase the conversion rate. You’ll now be able to use some significant data without causing too much chaos for the users stuck on a low-bandwidth or mobile connection.

3) Helps Increase Accessibility

Making the content audible makes it easier for people to understand your content. For many people, reading is a slow and laborious task. It’s also disappointing that nearly 20% of all sites never manage to have text to speech activated (which seems like an oversight if you ask us!).

With visual disability in mind, the ability to read text aloud may mean that visitors are more likely to believe your website conforms to WCAG guidelines. This will help ensure accessibility for those using assistive technology.

4) Scalable Visual Content

Content creators often wish to merge images or other visual content with textual content to make the overall content more engaging and appealing.

With the help of text to speech tools, content creators can add on a suitable voiceover according to the visual shown on the screen. This makes the content intriguing for all the users, especially users with disabilities who find reading/watching content difficult. Thus, the TTS technology helps scale the visual content with ease.

5) Enhance User Experience

Some of you may think that this is a silly reason but consider the following: who doesn’t love to listen? If a person prefers not to read their text, what benefit does it provide them if they have no choice?

Well, now, when your content is integrated with features like reading text aloud, it enables those visitors to join the fun of enjoying your content. This empowers and inspires your visitors to interact with their web page exclusively through the audio format.

6) Convenient to Elderly Population

With the growing elderly population in society, including those who are visually impaired, audio content includes large amounts of nonvisual data and text. Audio helps ease communication with people who find it difficult to communicate visually through written words on a screen.

Larger graphics may be displayed for people without sight problems. However, graphic content within an article’s text will sometimes not appear when someone reads using a speech synthesiser. Because of this, many businesses are opting to use audio content much over text as it increases visitor engagement significantly on their site.


Text to speech technology can help content creators looking to improve their conversion rate and increase scalability, accessibility, and user experience. It’s also convenient for elderly populations who may have difficulty reading text.

With the growing trend of audio-only content, content creators need to be aware of the benefits of using text to speech technology to help them create higher quality content that is easier to consume.

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