Popular payment methods for casinos

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Users of gambling sites use several common payment options to make a deposit. Naturally, a good payment system for slot machines and casinos should support these methods. In the world of gambling special attention is 2 deposit casino, which also accepts popular payment methods.

Credit and debit cards

The most popular payment option at online casinos, especially in the US. The most common ones are the VISA, MasterCard and Maestro cards. Bankcards are also popular in the European part of the continent, but alternative methods of making game deposits steadily supersede them.

  • Pros: Accessibility. A player can obtain the necessary card (including a virtual one) from any bank.
  • Cons: Not all issuing banks support payments to casino gaming accounts.

Electronic wallets

Payments via electronic payment systems are potential leaders in the gambling niche.

  • Pros: ease of use, relative anonymity and high transaction speed.
  • Cons: double commission: the player has to pay it for depositing e-wallet and for the transaction. In a number of countries, electronic payment systems are controlled and restricted by the authorities.

Online banking

The opportunity to deposit directly from your bank account without using a payment card or registering with the payment system.

  • Pros: speed, user-friendly familiar interface for the user, security.
  • Cons: Limitations of some banks are possible.


It is ideal if the merchant for online casino supports the acceptance of digital currency. Players prefer bitcoins and altcoins for the possibility of anonymity.

  • Pros: security, ability for players to bypass government restrictions on deposits and maintain privacy.
  • Cons: Not all casinos support cryptocurrencies. Or the choice is limited to the most popular options.

Popular withdrawal methods from online casinos

In general, the principle is as follows: the number of withdrawal methods directly depends on the available deposit options. Specific options depend on the capabilities of the payment provider, as well as the rules and restrictions of the gambling project. For example, some sites allow you to withdraw funds using the same method that the player used to make a deposit.

However, there may be a restriction: if the withdrawal amount exceeds the total amount of the prepaid deposit, it is not possible to make a one-time withdrawal. It is a forced rule for fraud protection: in case an intruder gets hold of the deposit the player will not be able to steal money from it.

10 most popular ways to deposit and withdraw money at online casinos

When choosing a payment system for the casino, you need to consider the most popular payment options among players:

  1. VISA, MasterCard are the most popular payment systems. Provide (for their part) fast card transaction processing, global availability and security.
  2. Neteller – electronic payment system, very popular among casino players. Reliable and secure.
  3. Skrill is a direct competitor to Neteller. Similar in features and functions.
  4. PayPal – World-renowned payment system, with a user-friendly interface and a sufficient level of anonymity.
  5. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. Many experts believe that in the future it will replace fiat (standard money). It is now valued for its anonymity, fast transactions and relatively stable exchange rate.
  6. Trustly is a web-banking platform that allows you to pay online without using a bank card.

The best payment system for online casinos is a multifunctional aggregator. It should provide transaction protection, a user-friendly interface, and a wide range of payment instruments. At the same time, optimal tariff policy and ease of connection to the site are welcomed. Finding such systems is quite feasible.

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